Why Choose Cova-Wall® Lightweight Polystyrene Wall Cladding from JPS Coatings?

Designers and builders of today are now shifting to lightweight polystyrene wall cladding primarily for its outstanding functions and benefits, plus its wide array of design choices. Lightweight polystyrene is a smart choice versus other wall cladding materials like traditional concrete, stainless steel, timber, and masonry.

Lightweight polystyrene wall cladding is one of JPS Coatings’ expertise as the lead provider of state-of-the-art solid plastering and rendering materials in Australia. Aspiring to deliver only the latest and the best quality products to their most critical customers, JPS developed a high-class polystyrene wall cladding solution fit for residential applications: Cova-Wall® Exterior Insulation Finishing System.

Reinforced with “M” grade expanded polystyrene (EPS) moulded panels, the Cova-Wall® Exterior Insulation Finishing System has been gaining wide recognition in the home and building industry. Cova-Wall® is engineered to provide houses and building structures an enhanced exterior appearance, better interior insulation, and an overall greater lifetime value.

The Cova-Wall® cladding system is strides ahead for its flexible attributes including its CodeMark certification, structure stability, great thermal insulation performance, and excellent weatherproofing quality.

CodeMark Certified

CodeMark Certification is a voluntary building product certification scheme that secures product compliance to the local and international standards under the Building Code of Australia (BCA). Materials used for Cova-Wall® Cladding System are CodeMark Certified, ensuring the safety and reliability of the product to the home and building industry.

Structural Stability

Made of expanded polystyrene or EPS (an extremely light product that is widely known for its impermeable and moisture resistance surface), Cova-Wall® lightweight polystyrene wall cladding prevents wall deterioration and maintains dimensional and structural stability.

The Cova-Wall® Cladding System has been tested and passed the AS 1366.3 plus AS 4055 – 2012 standards, which validates its capability to maintain structural stability even under the most drastic Australian wind conditions.

Thermal Insulation

The closed-cell property of EPS coupled with the system’s high R-value brings an overall superior thermal insulation and long-lasting performance to a house or building structure. The Cova-Wall® Cladding System essentially contributes to energy conservation as it grants a maintained room temperature despite seasonal extremities.


Cova-Wall® lightweight polystyrene wall cladding is designed in compliance with the Standard AS/NZS 4284:2008, which ensures product competence against simulated weather conditions.  This cladding system passed extensive tests such as seismic, seal degradation, and building maintenance unit (BMU) restraint.

For more information on Cova-Wall® Lightweight Polystyrene Wall Cladding, contact JPS Coatings or visit www.jpstexturecoatings.com.au today.