JPS Coatings Primer is a water acrylic based coating, formulated on pure acrylic emulsions that conditions the surface substrate porosity in a single application.


15 L


150 M2 PER pail

*2-4mm thickness



*from date of manufacture

Product Information


JPS Coatings Primer is an acrylic primer that is applied to the substrate to unify the substrate porosity, it ensures maximum adhesion and an excellent key ensures consistent appearance and finish of the total system, can be applied to Off-Form Concrete. F.C Sheeting, G.R.C. (Glass Reinforced Concrete), Plaster Board and Cement Render.


Surface preparation is the responsibility of the Builder / Renovator / Main Contractor and the Applicator. The substrate must be clean, sound and free of all powdery residue, from oils, release agents, bondbreakers or any other contaminants that may interfere with adhesion. Tie wires, nails and steel on the surface must be completely removed, all other metal objects must be corrosion stabilized.
Fresh cementitious substrates should be left for 7 days before coating. There must be less than 15% moisture Wood Equivalent in the surface at the time of coating to ensure optimum coating performance.
The substrate is then primed.


After thoroughly mixing, the material may be applied by roller, conventional or airless spray. A brush is required for tight and around openings etc… Application of JPS Coatings Primer should be carried out at temperatures above 7℃ and below 30℃, freshly applied material must be protected from frost and rain for a minimum of twenty four (24) hours.
It is recommended that application not be carried out in full sun or hot windy conditions, DO NOT thin or apply over damp substrates except where specified to AAC.


1 pail of JPS Coatings Primer has a spreading rate of approximately 10sq. metres per litre (depending on surface being applied ) assuming no loss.
Practical spreading rates will vary due to such factors as method and conditions of application.


JPS Coatings Primer is surface dry 30 minutes and may be re-coated in 2 hours at 25℃ and 50% relative humidity, however drying will take longer at lower temperatures or higher relative humidity.