Patch `Em-Up

Patch `Em-Up is a premixed performance formulated skim-coat render. A carefully controlled formulation consisting of washed silica sand,  cement and various powder additives for excellent adhesive application properties conforming to AS 3972 with water resistant properties.
Patch `Em-Up has been specially developed for use on external/internal surfaces that require a rendered finish.


20 KG


6-8 M2 PER BAG

*2-4mm thickness



*from date of manufacture

The information and recommendations contained herein are based on data believed to be reliable and are issued for your guidance. However we cannot accept any responsibility for the results as the use and application of the product is beyond JPS Texture Coatings control.

*Hebel® is a registered Trade Mark of CSR

Product Information


Surface preparation is the responsibility of the Builder / Renovator / Main Contractor and the Applicator. The substrate must be clean, dry and free of all powdery residue or any other contaminants that may interfere with adhesion.


Patch `Em-Up is applied by hawk and trowel to a thickness between 2mm to 4mm to the surface from the bottom upwards in a single layer to the required thickness. Patch `Em-Up is then finished by plastic or polystyrene float or damp sponges. Care should be taken not to overwork the surface area. Please Note application of Patch `Em-Up to F.C sheeting: • Apply a bedding coat of Polyrend Fine / Coarse with alkaline resistant tape into joints and let dry. • Apply a generous coat of Patch `Em-Up to entire surface, finishing with a plastic float. • Apply a further coat of Patch `Em-Up upon setting of first coat finishing with timber, plastic float or damp sponge.


Patch `Em-Up will dry at 25℃ and 50% relative humidity normally in 2-5 hours, however drying will take longer at lower temperatures or higher relative humidity. Patch `Em-Up may be overcoated with any texture coating after 7 days.


Mix 1 x 20kg bag of Patch `Em-Up with 5 – 5.3litres of water to obtain correct lump free consistency using a power stirrer or similar device. Care should be taken to ensure Patch `Em-Up is thoroughly mixed. Dependant on the ambient temperature and the desired consistency, the amount of water required may vary slightly but should not exceed 5.5litres per 20kg bag of Patch `Em-Up. Excess mixing water may result in surface crazing, cracking and as well as delaminating.


1 X 20kg bag of Patch `Em-Up will cover approximately 8-10m2 at an average thickness of 2mm.