Ezi-Build is a high performance cement based polymer modified trowel / spray machine applied high build light-weight render, suitable for application to brick and all masonry substrates. Ezi-Build has been filled with light-weight insulating properties designed specifically for leveling walls, building up rough brick / blockwork including racked brick providing excellent adhesion with good strength and water resistance to weathering.
Ezi-Build is ideal for making good rough surfaces prior to the final coat of Fastwall. Ezi-Build is workable up to thicknesses of 20mm in a one coat application without the normal shrinkage cracks, soft corners and drumminess associated with traditional sand and cement render.


15 KG


2-5 M2 PER BAG

*2-4mm thickness



*from date of manufacture

Product Information


Surface preparation is the responsibility of the Builder / Renovator / Main Contractor and the Applicator. The substrate must be clean, dry and free of all powdery residue or any other contaminants that may interfere with adhesion such as grease, oil, scaling laitance, efflorescence, mould, dirt, dust or any other foreign matter.


Ezi-Build is applied by hawk and trowel to the desired thickness or up to 20mm to the surface from the bottom upwards in a single layer, screeding with a straight edge, finishing with timber or plastic float. Care should be taken not to overwork the surface area. Allow a minimum of 24 hours (longer in colder temperatures) to cure and finish with an application of Fastwall Render Please Note:- • Ezi-Build should not be used on fibrous-cement sheeting or previously painted surfaces.


Ezi-Build will dry at 25℃ and 50% relative humidity normally in 2-4 hours, however drying will take longer at lower temperatures or higher relative humidity. Ezi-Build must be overcoated with Fastwall once dry and let cure for 7 days.


Mix 1 x 15kg bag of Ezi-Build with approximately 4 litres of water to obtain correct lump free consistency using a power stirrer or similar device.
Care should be taken to ensure Ezi-Build is thoroughly mixed. Dependent on the ambient temperature and the desired consistency, the amount of water required may vary slightly but should not exceed 4.6 litres per 15kg bag of Ezi-Build. Excess mixing of water may result in surface crazing, cracking as well as delaminating.


1 X 15kg bag of Ezi-Build will cover approximately 2-5m2 depending on thickness being applied.