Lightweight Render For PVC Panels

Dincel Construction System & AFS Rediwall® are a PVC formwork system used as load bearing external wall solutions for both residential & commercial construction. This specification assumes that the System is core filled &  surface is true and flush in accordance with both specifications, allowing for skim-coat applications.


15 KG


5-7 m2 PER PAIL

*2-4mm thickness



*from date of manufacture

Product Information


The surface of the PVC Panels has a smooth, sheen finish which must be treated prior to the application of the texture system. Ensure surface is clean and free from contaminants which may adversely affect adhesion.

Scuff the surface with a low speed grinder fitted with a 200mm coarse diamond wheel disc; ensure that at least 90% of the area is treated. It is important that the surface is scratched and not sanded or burnished. Special attention is required to note that no structural defects are caused to the surface of the panel. Remove any residue from the surface with a stiff brush or compressed air.


Apply primer evenly using a 10mm nap roller evenly over the entire surface to be coated. Mix well before use regularly so to have even distribution of grit. It is important that the grit is well distributed across the PVC formwork surface.


Number of coats will depend on surface level, apply with Hawk & Trowel evenly over surface to the thickness of 3-4mm.

Follow up with a light ‘floating’ process to level out the product using a polystyrene / plastic float.


Panel alignment is critical in all lost formwork systems and specific attention must be given to control of joint & sheeting alignment. Ensure that all joints between panels accurately align and floor-to-floor alignment ensures a true and flat plane across the elevation.

It is the responsibility of the panel installer to ensure all joints or major imperfections, misalignments are filled and sanded true & flush before applying any coating system. Remove all surface contaminants such as oil, grease or dirt, dust by hosing suitable detergent /pressure wash before coating.


The use of a PU – Poly Urethane ‘paintable’ Sealant incorporating backing rod in strict accordance with the manufacturer recommendation for use on the PVC Panel System should be used in all cases. Select a colour that is complimentary to the final  texture colour. Apply sealant on completion of the panel installation to ensure adequate curing.


Coatings should be applied in full accordance with relative product Technical and Application data sheets. JPS Coatings accepts no liability for joint cracking or joint deformation, as control of structural movement is beyond the scope of a coating specification. Dark colours increase expansion / contraction of a substrate due to heat absorbed and should be avoided. Do not apply paint if the air temperature is below 100C or above 300C (or likely to fall below 100C or if rain is expected during the drying period), protect from rain or frost for the first 24 hours. ALL FINISHED WORK MUST BE PROTECTED FROM RAIN, FROST AND SEVER WEATHER CONDITIONS UNTIL FULLY DRIED.