What is JPS Coatings Water-Based Acrylic Primer?

JPS Coatings’ Primer is a water-based acrylic primer that is widely used by builders and specifiers to stabilize the permeability of a substrate, providing maximum adhesion and protection against premature deterioration of constructions.

Formulated with 100% acrylic emulsion, JPS Primer unites substrate porosity in a single application. The acrylic coating is used for a range of wall surfaces like off-form concrete, fibre cement sheeting, glass reinforced concrete, plasterboard, or cement render.

Coverage and Application

A pail of this water-based acrylic primer has a spread rate of up to 10m² per litre (assuming no loss) depending on the amount, thickness, and condition of the application. Although primarily done by construction professionals, JPS Coatings has provided easy-to-follow application guidelines for DIY enthusiasts.

Surface preparation

Harmful contaminants like oils, release agents, and bond breakers reduce the adhesion performance of JPS Primer, hence the necessity of optimum surface preparation. Keeping the substrate clean and free of powdery substances plus removing metals that are highly susceptible to rust or corrosion ensures durability and a consistent appearance that could last many years.

The Primer may only be applied after 7 days of the cementitious substrate application and there is less than 15% Wood Moisture Equivalent in the surface.


JPS Coatings’ Primer must be carefully mixed in the plastic pail provided. Primer is then applied with a roller, conventional or airless spray, or a traditional brush particularly for tight areas such as around openings. For optimum results, it is highly recommended that the water-based acrylic primer is only applied at temperatures between 7 and 30; Avoid priming in full sun or hot windy conditions, and do not apply over misty surfaces (except if specified to AAC). Protect the newly primed substrate from sudden rain pour or frost for at least 24 hours, 

Drying/Curing Times

The JPS Coatings Primer will be surface dry after approximately 30 minutes. Re-coating can be done after 2 hours at 25 and 50% relative humidity. Take full note that drying takes longer at a lower temperature or higher humidity.

For more information about JPS Coatings Water-Based Acrylic Primer, visit www.jpstexturecoatings.com.au today.