Water-Based Acrylic Primer for Adhesion and Consistency from JPS Coatings

JPS Coatings Primer is a water-based acrylic coating adept in maximising adhesion and consistency performance, commonly required in a range of applications including off-form concrete, glass reinforced concrete, plasterboard, FC sheeting, and cement render. It ensures a seamless finish and increases the overall value of a structure from aesthetics to functions and benefits.

Primer is highly essential for overall paint and roof coating systems, creating a firm and stable base to ensure that topcoats will not produce a chapped or dull finish. Its absence leads to increased cost, with ongoing maintenance because of poor adhesion.

When it comes to priming, JPS Coatings water-based acrylic primer works wonders. Pure acrylic emulsion, JPS Primer is applied to unify the surface substrate porosity in a single application. This acrylic coating is typically delivered in 15L pails, each with a spreading rate of approximately 10 m² (assuming no loss). Spreading rate varies depending on factors such as application methods and environmental conditions.

Before the application, surface preparation is a must. To prevent faulty adhesion, clean the substrate and remove all residue from oils, release agents, bond breakers, and deter harmful contaminants such as rusts and moulds. All metal objects including clear tie wires, nails, and steels must be corrosion stabilised.

Application of the water-based acrylic coating at temperatures between 7 to 30 is ideal. Avoid frost and rain for at least twenty four (24) hours. Do not apply priming in full sun or windy conditions nor over a damp surface. Primer is applied using a roller or airless spray, with a brush required for tight corners and round openings.

JPS Coatings Primer dries 30 minutes post-application and may be re-coated in 2 hours at 25 and 50% relative humidity. Lower temperatures with higher relative humidity will incur longer drying and curing.

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