Water Based Acrylic Hi Build Undercoat by JPS Coatings

Levelcoat is the ideal water based acrylic hi build undercoat for both commercial and residential roof coating systems. The high-grade product is part of the brand new Evolving Elements range by JPS Coatings, one of the leading providers of rendering and solid plastering solutions in Australia. With a service record spanning over 30 years, the Victorian-based company has earned the loyalty and patronage of top industry professionals across the country. JPS Coatings continues to establish a greater national and international presence with a strict commitment to world-class quality.

What is Evolving Elements?

The Evolving Elements brand features a stunning selection of roof coating systems and premium paints for professionals. Evolving Elements includes a comprehensive catalogue of components and procedures, which can be easily applied by industry experts or do-it-yourself (DIY) enthusiasts alike. As always, the product development team at JPS Coatings guarantees a gold standard of quality, innovation, value and performance with all their products.

Water Based Acrylic Roof Hi Build Undercoat from Evolving Elements

Evolving Elements Levelcoat is a high build surface leveller, specially formulated for application to primed concrete roof substrates. The water based acrylic hi build undercoat is composed of high solid fillings to smooth out the surface of badly worn and weathered roof tiles. Upon application, Levelcoat provides a more even surface to better accommodate the top coat. The result is a polished roof coating system with a maximum-aesthetic finish.

During application, Levelcoat will be applied in one (1) coat to a primed surface using an airless spray. Prior to this, the applicator must ensure that the substrate is clean, dry and structurally sound. It is recommended that rainwater tanks be disconnected from the guttering system before proceeding to the application since Levelcoat could be spilt on the roof and it can be washed off before achieving a full cure during inclement weather conditions. The guttering must remain disconnected until after the application of all subsequent coatings, and after all residues have been washed from the guttering.

Levelcoat is available in pails of 15L. The highly recommended Evolving Elements products for use in conjunction with Levelcoat are: Durapoint for roof pointing; Primecrete for the primer coat; and Duramembrane for the final top coat.

As with all products by Evolving Elements, Levelcoat comes with a ten-year warranty to ensure consumer security.

Learn more about the all-new water based acrylic hi build undercoat from Evolving Elements by JPS Coatings. Visit www.evolvingelements.com.au today.