Types of High-Quality External Rendering Materials in Victoria from JPS Coatings

For more than 30 years, JPS Coatings have been the lead provider of high-quality external rendering materials in Victoria. With the growing popularity of external rendering in the construction and design industry, JPS Coatings is proud of their unrivalled line of dry mix and polymer renders on the Australian Market.

JPS Coatings Dry Mix Renders

A preliminary coat regarded as a reliable alternative to standard sand and cement renders; These high-quality external rendering materials are used for a variety of residential and commercial applications.

JPS Coatings range of dry mix renders includes:

  1. Polyboard – Provides good adhesion to low absorbency substrates like expanded polystyrene and pre-coated polystyrene sheets.
  2. Supacote – Generally used to attain the thickness of 6-8mm in a single application, perfectly suited for a variety of decorative textures and top coats.
  3. Fastwall – A durable cement-based render applied in single or multiple coats to masonry substrates. It can be applied to both internal and external surfaces.
  4. Patch `Em-Up – A premixed skim-coat render formulated in compliance with AS 3972. Applied on external or internal substrates that require rendered finish.
  5. Ezi-Build – A cement-based polymer perfect for brick and all masonry surfaces. Formulated to level walls and build up rough bricks, also to enhance adhesion performance and resistance to weather extremities. Ezi-Build makes good; rough surfaces for the final coat of Fastwall.
  6. Coloured Sand Finish – A traditional-style Coloured Finno finish that can be simply applied over a render finish.
  7. Vogue Finish – A cementitious; polymer-based coating that offers a slightly mottled yet superfine finish over rendered masonry substrates. Provides an effect of a concrete panel finish.

JPS Coatings Polymer Renders

Regarded as the most cost-effective high-quality external rendering materials in Victoria, Polymer Renders are widely specified by major engineers and architects. These products are formulated with an acrylic resin compound that enhances adhesion performance on substrates.

JPS Coatings range of polymer renders include:

  1. Polyrend Coarse – Prevents cases of premature shrinkage upon drying and enhances adhesion performance, particularly to masonry surfaces.
  2. Polyrend Fine – Used for the flushing of joints with the addition of 15% cement on Fibre Cement Sheeting. Can be applied to any clean masonry substrate.
  3. Fastcoat Skimcoat – Applied over flush jointed blockwork and fibre cement sheeting in preparation for the application of a texture coating.

For more information about the high-quality external rendering materials in Victoria, contact JPS Coatings or visit www.jpstexturecoatings.com.au today.