The Rendering Specialists: JPS Coatings High-Quality External Wall Render Systems

The role of high-quality external wall render systems is not limited to protecting the outer walls from natural elements like wind, rain, heat, and frost; but also to enhance your curb appeal and the thermal insulation of the interior areas.

For 30 years, JPS Coatings remains one of Victoria’s rendering specialists, delivering the best possible structural outcome which spans across residential, commercial, and industrial applications. The team manufactures their products using only premium quality materials and state-of-the-art technology, therefore offering a one-stop-shop solution for all solid plastering and high-quality external wall render systems.

The Rendering Specialists: Dry Mix Render Range

The Dry Mix Render range is composed of eight high-quality external wall render systems. Aside from the new packaging, JPS Coatings have added three variants: Coloured Finno Sand Finish, Vogue Finish, and Lightweight Render for PVC Panels.

The Lightweight Render for PVC Panels is ideal for load-bearing external wall solutions for commercial and residential applications. The high-quality external wall render system is available in 15kg pails with maximum coverage of 5-7m².

For a polished, concrete look, JPS Coatings developed the Vogue Finish cementitious blended polymer modified base coating. It is a non-flexible coating which should only be used on rigid masonry surfaces such as rendered brick, blockwork, rendered concrete, formwork, and Cova-Wall®.

JPS Coatings Coloured Finno Sand Finish is the perfect solution for pre-coloured external render finishes. It offers a traditional-style finish designed to age when exposed to natural elements. The dry powder form is composed of superior durable oxide pigments, mixed with water and troweled over a sealed render. The high-quality external render system is available in a 20kg bag with maximum coverage of 10-12m² per bag.

Suitable for levelling walls and building up a rough brick, Ezi-Build is a high-performing, cement-based polymer modified render. It is commonly used on lightweight render, brick, and all masonry substrate and can be applied using a trowel or spray machine.

Patch Em-Up is specially formulated to deliver high-performing water-resistant external rendering product. It is produced with a controlled formulation of washed silica, sand, cement and different powder additives to obtain excellent adhesion essential in plastering applications.

The durable, cement-based Fastwall delivers high-quality rendering material for internal and external applications. Fastwall can be applied with a single or multiple coatings on all masonry substrates. It is manufactured with fine-graded silica sand, cement, and other additives for improved workability and faster application.

JPS Coatings’ Supacote is specially formulated as a dry mix, cement-based polymer modified render. The high-quality external wall render system is made of washed and graded silica sand, and lightweight powdered additives. Supacote is applied to a thickness of at least 6-8mm in a single application to achieve the ideal base for subsequent layers of a broad range of decorative textures and top coats.

Polyboard Render is an acrylic modified render. It comes in a dry powder form and commonly used with low absorbency substrate materials like pre-coated polystyrene sheets and expanded polystyrene sheets. The premixed cementitious base coat is manufactured with a carefully controlled formulation of cement, washed silica sand, and powder additives, to ensure water resistance and excellent adhesion.

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