The Complete Guide to the Galvanised Iron Roof Coating System from JPS Coatings

Evolving Elements offers a complete galvanised iron roof coating system for residential and commercial applications. The innovative product range from JPS Coatings introduces a wide array of professional paints and specially formulated roof coating systems.

With more than three decades of service and experience, JPS Coatings is equipped with the knowledge and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, making them the company of choice for solid plastering and rendering solutions, within the Australian building and design industries. Now they have utilised these refined processes to become the “go to” company for all your roof coating and painting requirements also.

What is Evolving Elements Galvanised Iron Roof Coating System?

Corrugated galvanised iron is considerably lighter in weight, but also a highly durable roof material. The Evolving Elements Galvanised Iron Roof Coating System is designed specifically to restore, rejuvenate and seal worn out roof materials, yielding outstanding results. The roof coating system is also suitable to use on Zincalume® roofing.

Here are the Galvanised Iron Roof Coating System products for every stage of the roof coating application:

Surface Preparation

Premclean — Premclean is applied before pressure cleaning. It is used to remove moss, lichen, as well as minor deposits of oil and grease from various substrates. Premclean helps condition the surface for a faster and more efficient pressure cleaning.

Anti-Mould Plus+ — Anti-Mould Plus+ is a biocide formulation used to inhibit the growth and proliferation of moss, mould, lichen, and algae.

Rustcure — Rustcure is used to remove light rust and for passivation of metal and galvanised iron roof sheeting. The product helps to eliminate minor oil and grease deposits, thus ensuring excellent adhesion for the subsequent application of the primer coat.

Primer Coat

Surface Prime Plus+ — Surface Prime Plus+ is specifically designed for priming metal roof sheetings and contains anti-rust solutions, adhesion promoters and inert fillers. Ensure you over coat with the appropriate product from the Evolving Elements range.

Top Coat

Duramembrane — Duramembrane consists of a 100% acrylic formulation. It provides a durable and flexible surface finish that enables roof sheetings to withstand the extremes of Australian and Southeast Asian weather. Apply two (2) coats of Duramembrane as your top coat.

JPS Coatings offer a 10-year warranty for the Evolving Elements Galvanised Iron Roof Coating System provided that the products have been used according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

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