The Benefits of Waterproof Roof Coating Systems for Residential Applications

Waterproof roof coating systems are one of the most important investments that every builder and homeowner must consider. Like a ripple effect, it positively impacts the stability of a house, enhancing the safety, health, and comfort of the occupants.

JPS Coatings is at the forefront of the supply of waterproof roof coating systems in Australia. They take pride in their popular Evolving Elements line, an effective high-quality roof coating system that offers a comprehensive range of products from surface preparation, priming, to top coating.

The Victorian-based company has been receiving positive feedback because of the proven benefits of Evolving Elements. These include;

Waterproof and Weatherproof Protection

Evolving Elements provides a superior waterproof and weatherproof protection that prevents direct contact of the roof by unwanted elements like extreme sun rays, salty air, and water surge. It also prevents premature roof leakage, keeping the building safe and stable year round.

Increased Roof Life

Offering a variety of products for any roof material, a waterproof roof coating system permanently bonds to any substrate. Meaning, no unwanted heat or moisture will collect underneath, eradicating the possibility of moisture, mould, or any chemical buildup while keeping your roof stable and healthy.

Reduced Maintenance and Bills

Installation of a roof coating system provides superior protection that lessens the chance of deterioration, which is more practical than frequent maintenance, or worse, roof replacement. Furthermore, the Evolving Elements roof coating solution effectively assists to cut energy bills.

Excellent and Lasting Aesthetic Value

Evolving Elements consists of crack-resistant waterproof roof coating products that not only provide an aesthetically appealing finish but are also long-lasting. The roof coatings are formulated to last in style and colour even after decades from application.


JPS Coatings developed the Evolving Elements range with the environment in mind. The roof coating system is formulated with ultimately low VOC and low odour. It also produces no harmful gases from the manufacture to installation and future use.

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