Surface Restoration with Professional Roof Coating Systems from JPS Coatings

JPS Coatings has innovated a complete range of professional roof coating systems particularly to restore aged roof surfaces to their former colour, or to a new and modern shade. Strengths include versatile and highly functional coating products perfect for different kinds of roof systems like Zincalume® & galvanised iron roofs, unglazed terracotta or concrete tiles & Colorbond™.

From surface preparation to top coats, JPS Coatings has everything covered.

Surface Preparation

Anti-Mould Plus+ – A broad spectrum water-based biocide that inhibits the growth of roof moss and lichen that are not only unsightly but damaging. This component of the professional roof coating system is typically applied on unglazed terracotta roofs or clean cement using airless or HVLP spray, roller, brush, or pad.

Premclean – A detergent-based surface cleaner that effectively removes roof-degrading substances like grease and oil. It also prevents the growth of moss and lichens and allows for a faster pressure cleaning. Premclean is typically applied on surfaces with a high percentage of fungal growth like fibre cement or terracotta roofing tiles, and ceramic tiles.

Rustcure – An integrated formulation that removes light rust from metal roof sheetings and creates a reliable barrier against corrosion. Upon application, oil, grease, and toxic chemicals are effectively eradicated to secure adhesion of the primer coat.

Water-Based Primer Coats

Levelcoat – Formulated to fill and level. Applied over primer coats, this professional roof coating system enables a seamless and even surface, which improves topcoat adhesion and roof appearance.

Primecrete – Highly recommended on chalky or porous roof surfaces like concrete and unglazed terracotta roof tiles. With excellent penetrating and binding properties, Primecrete permeates tile surfaces to seal the tile substrate.

Surface Prime Plus+ – A reliable and durable primer with effective rust inhibitors and passivators, adhesion promoters, and inert fillers. Designed particularly for bare metal surfaces like Zincalume® galvanised iron roofs.

Acrylic-based Top Coats

Durapoint – A pre-coloured acrylic pointing compound used with hip and ridge roof tiles, a convenient alternative to traditional cement and sand-based pointing mortar. It remains strong and crack resistant, and flexes with movement caused by varying weather conditions.

Duramembrane – A perfect top coat choice when it comes to resisting Australian and South East Asian weather. Not only does it restore the old roof but also provides optimum protection against weather extremities and growth of unwanted mould and lichens. Available in a range of excellent colour choices with an outstanding gloss finish.

Terraglaze Plus+ – An acrylic roof membrane for a vibrant gloss roof finish. Typically, utilised to provide a clear or coloured coating for old and worn-out unglazed terracotta roofs. It effectively resists weather extremities and has low dirt pick-up for minimal upkeep.

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