Superior External Wall Cladding Render by JPS Coatings

JPS Coatings has conducted intensive research towards formulating a superior external cladding render solution for both commercial and residential properties. Powered by almost three decades of experience, the product development team is proud to present Supacote.

Supacote: Superior External Cladding Render

Supacote is specially formulated as a dry mix, cement based, and polymer modified render. The external wall cladding render solution is comprised of washed and graded silica sand, and lightweight, proprietary powdered additives. The latter component allows for optimum workability, and ease of application by both professionals and DIY (do-it-yourself) enthusiasts.

Supacote is generally applied to a thickness of at least 6-8mm in one coat application, resulting in the ideal base for subsequent layers of a broad range of decorative textures and top coats. Supacoat provides compatibility with various substrates, including clay and concrete brickwork; concrete blocks; concrete pre-cast panels; AAC (autoclaved aerated concrete) panels, polystyrene panels; and Hebel® blocks/panels.

How to Apply Supacote

Here are the general guidelines for applying Supacote to external walls:

  1. Substrate preparation. All surfaces to be rendered must be clean, structurally sound, and free from all forms of oil, dirt, releasing agents, loose or flaking material, and other contaminants that may interfere with adhesion. Conversely, areas not to be rendered must be masked and protected.
  1. Mixing. Using a power stirrer, the applicator will mix one (1) 18kg bag of Supacote with 3.8-4.1L of clean water in a pail. The powder must be dispersed towards achieving a creamy, lump-free consistency. The mix will then be allowed to stand for five (5) minutes before remixing for use or adjusting consistency if required. The applicator must be careful not to exceed 4.4L of water per 18kg bag of Supacote. Otherwise, the finished render will be prone to surface cracking, crazing, or delaminating.
  1. Application. Supacote will be applied to a 6-8mm thickness for full coverage on a 1-2m2 surface area. The applicator must immediately finish it off with a suitable straight edge and polystyrene float until achieving a flat, even, level and uniform surface.

Supacote has a shelf life of 12 months, and a pot life of two (2) hours when mixed with Water. It must not be applied to expansion joints. The render should be left to completely dry for 3-7 days prior to the application of textures or top coats. However, the drying process may take longer under low temperature and high relative humidity conditions.

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