Solid Plastering and Rendering in Melbourne with JPS Coatings

For 30 years, JPS Coatings remains one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of solid plastering materials in Melbourne. Staying committed to providing only high-quality products, JPS Coatings’ research and development team work to produce high-grade materials for the building and construction industry.

The rendering of brick, stone and concrete block homes has been used for centuries to improve aesthetics and waterproofing of exterior walls. Rendering can be seen in different forms all over Australia from suburban housing estates to highly detailed heritage buildings in our city centers. 

Solid Plastering in Melbourne Made Easy with JPS Coatings’ Deluxe Package

The Deluxe Package from JPS Coatings is a cost-effective and streamlined solution for all your solid plastering needs. The package includes all the required products, Render Base Coat, Primer Coat, Texture Coat and Membrane Coating.  If the steps are followed correctly according to the manufacturer’s specifications, the Package has a 10 year guarantee.

Render Base Coat

Choose from JPS Coatings’ wide array of dry mix and polymer renders!

If you are looking for a reasonable and alternative solution to traditional sand and cement render, then JPS Coatings’ Dry Mix Renders are what you need. The premixed cementitious base coat is especially formulated to provide good adhesion to most wall substrates, such as expanded polystyrene sheets, concrete blocks, brickworks, concrete precast panels, AAC panels, and other types of masonry substrates.

JPS Coatings supplies the Dry Mix renders per bag, with weights ranging from 12 Kg to 20 Kg per bag.

Acrylic-based Polymer Renders are packed with high tensile strength, flexibility and resistance to UV, water infiltration and premature cracking and peeling. Polymer Renders are known for their minimal shrinkage on drying and excellent adhesion to different substrates. Supplied in a convenient 15-Litre semi-liquid dispensable paste. 

Primer Coat

JPS Coatings’ water acrylic-based Primer is formulated to condition the porosity of the surface substrate. This process ensures a smooth surface finish for good adhesion and consistent substrate appearance.

The Primer Coat is suitable to use in off-form concrete, glass reinforced concrete, plaster board and cement render.

Texture Coat

Texture provides a durable matt finish for CovaWall® and other substrates, such as cement render, AAC, fibre cement sheeting, rendered expanded polystyrene sheets, clay, brickwork ad blocks. The water-based acrylic coating is formulated with high-quality tint base to ensure a rich colour consistency ideal for large area application.

Membrane Coating

The safe and easy-to-apply Membrane Coating offers excellent wall protection against extreme weatherability, as well as mould and mildew proliferation. JPS Coatings’ Membrane Coating provides a variety of texture, colour combination, excellent adhesion and durability.

If you are looking for a one-stop-shop solution to all your solid plastering needs, consult the JPS Coatings team. Head over today!