Rust Converter: Evolving Elements Rustcure by JPS Coatings

Rustcure rust converter is one of the top of the line products from Evolving Elements Professional Roofcoating Systems by JPS Coatings. With over 30 years of experience in the building and construction industry, JPS Coatings remains at the forefront of innovating premium paints and protective coatings to withstand extreme weather conditions and environment.

While you cannot remove the damaged iron totally, you can utilise a rust converter to prevent the rust from spreading and get long-lasting protection against corrosion.

What is Rustcure Rust Converter?

Rustcure rust converter is an acid-based coating product used to convert rust and prime surfaces for painting. Specially formulated, Rustcure works by blending in with the rusty surface through chemical passivation instead of directly removing the rust.

Chemical passivation removes the free irons or rust and forms a passive oxide layer that can be painted over. Aside from converting rust and greatly improving the corrosion resistance of any metallic surface, Rustcure also eliminates minor oil and grease deposits off a working area to ensure maximum adhesion of the primer coat.

What are the Benefits and Features of Rustcure Rust Converter?

  • Converts rust
  • Surface preparation of metal surface
  • Rustcure provides long-lasting protection against corrosion
  • Improves surface adhesion of primer coat and paint application
  • Easy application with effective results
  • Can be used with Zincalume®, galvanised iron, bare iron and steel and Colorbond®

How to Prepare the Surface before Applying Rustcure?

Thorough surface preparation enables Rustcure rust converter to work effectively and achieve a high-quality result.

For roof applications, one must ensure to disconnect all rainwater tanks from the guttering system before starting the surface prep. It must remain disconnected until all roof coating systems have been applied and residues have been washed off the guttering.

Rustcure is applicable to lightly rusted steel, wrought iron and other ferrous metals. However, it is not recommended to use as preventative rust coating on a clean steel.

How to Dilute Evolving Elements Rustcure?

The use of metal containers for dilution is prohibited. Hence, the use of plastic containers is recommended. The appropriate process of dilution is to add Evolving Elements Rustcure to water, and not the other way around.

For the preparation of sound metal surfaces, slowly add one (1) part Rustcure to three (3) parts water. Mix well.

Add one (1) part Rustcure to one (1) part clean water to remove lightly rusted metal surfaces and mix well.

How to Apply Rustcure Rust Converter

Make sure that you have a smooth and stable working surface by getting rid of any loose or flaky rust particles with a stiff bristled brush or sandpaper.

Wash the surface to remove oil, grease and other particles, then let it dry. This ensures surface contaminants will not interfere with the chemical reaction of Rustcure on the rusted surface. It also improves the adhesion of all subsequent roof coating system coats.

The rust converter can be applied with a brush, roller, mop or scouring pad to a dry, cool surface. Leave the area and allow Rustcure to react with the rusted surface for a good 10 to 15 minutes. Increase passivation on the corroded area by using a broom or a plastic scourer.

Use clean water and avoid splashing when rinsing the surface area. For best results, prime the treated area with Evolving Elements Surface Prime Plus+ within 30 minutes of rinsing.

JPS Coatings offer a 10-year material replacement warranty against flaking or peeling of Evolving Elements Rustcure caused by manufacturer defect only, provided that the roof coating system is correctly applied by a skilled professional.

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