Roofing Coating Systems by JPS Coatings

Roofing coating systems are in high demand within the building and construction industry in Australia. JPS Coatings provides industry specifiers with a cutting-edge solution from their all-new Evolving Elements range. Boasting streamlined roof coating systems and premium paints for professionals, Evolving Elements is formulated using no less than top-grade components and proven building techniques with the trusted JPS Coatings expertise.

Evolving Elements at a Glance

John Gaggiano, the owner of JPS Coatings, has been of profound service to the paint and protective coatings sector for 30 years and counting. Under his direction, the Victorian-based company has established an outstanding reputation for delivering top performance in terms of quality, innovation, value and sustainability. Evolving Elements is their latest brand, boasting a comprehensive lineup of materials, accessories and procedures for the coating of structural walls and roof substrates.

For roof coating applications, the product development team at JPS Coatings has designed versatile systems for application to fibre cement sheeting, Zincalume® and galvanised iron roofs and unglazed terracotta tiles. Roofing coating systems are also compatible with concrete tiles and Colorbond® steel, a strong, secure and energy smart solution tried and tested in Australian conditions.

Evolving Elements Roofing Coating Systems

Here are the components of the Evolving Elements roof coating system for concrete tiles, Colorbond®:

1 Premclean — The substrate must be free from all traces of oil, grease, dirt, dust, and other foreign matter that may interfere with adherence. For trickier situations involving moss and lichen, Premclean is recommended to make subsequent pressure cleaning faster and more effective.

2 Anti-Mould Plus+ — Anti-Mould Plus+ is specifically formulated to prevent the growth of moss, mould and lichen in the long run. The high-grade biocide treatment is applied right after cleaning and before priming.

3 Durapoint — Applied in one (1) coat, Durapoint is a flexible pointing compound for use on bedding mortar on roof caps for both old and new tiles. Using a pointing trowel, the applicator will work with Durapoint on a pressure washed, clean and dry surface.

4 Primecrete — Primecrete is a surface sealer, designed to minimise the absorption loss of subsequent finishes. An essential layer, it is applied using an airless spray in one (1) coat on a pressure washed, clean and dry surface.

5 Levelcoat — Applied using an airless spray in one (1) coat before the top coat, Levelcoat smooths out badly worn and weathered concrete roof tiles.

6 Duramembrane — Serving as the top coat, Duramembrane is a 100% acrylic finish that revives existing colours, or adds a fresh, new look to roof substrates.

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