Roof Tile Paint for Concrete Tiles by JPS Coatings

Proper maintenance of concrete roof tiles involves the use of a high quality roof tile paint system to preserve structural integrity, long-term performance and deliver a sophisticated design finish.

Victorian-based company, JPS Coatings has developed the ideal solution for all your concrete roof tile needs! Evolving Elements is the newest professional roof coating system manufactured to restore, rejuvenate and seal aged and worn out concrete roof tiles. The complete roof tile paint system is also suitable to use with COLORBOND® steel roofing.

JPS Coatings utilise only the highest grade materials and integrate sustainable practices in the production of Evolving Elements roof coating system.

What are the Components of Evolving Elements Roof Tile Paint System?

1. Premclean and Anti-Mould Plus+ for Surface Preparation

If the homeowner collects rainwater from stormwater tanks, be sure to disconnect all gutterings to avoid water contamination. In addition, wear proper personal protective equipment, observe safety work procedures and read the Evolving Elements professional roof coating system instructions.

Conduct a quick site inspection to identify all broken and leaking tiles, flashings, penetrations and ensure all timberworks are repaired prior to high pressure cleaning. Once the repairs are done, apply Evolving Elements Premclean across the working area. Premclean is formulated to further the effect of high pressure cleaning by removing dirt, moss, lichen and small amounts of grease and oil from the surface.

Evolving Elements Anti-Mould Plus+ is another type of roof tile paint preparation applied to the concrete tiles after cleaning and before priming. The high-grade, biocidal coat is formulated to hinder moss and lichen forming.

2. Roof Pointing with Durapoint

Once pressure cleaning is complete, replace the cement bedding around the capping and apply Durapoint flexible pointing compound. The ready-to-use, pre-coloured pointing compound flexes with movement brought by temperature change. Compared to traditional cement mortar, Durapoint prevents cracking and water infiltration. Therefore providing a durable and long term flexible finish that is able to withstand prolonged exposure to natural elements.

3. Prime with Levelcoat and Primecrete

After Durapoint has fully cured, wash the working area to remove cement dust and debris. Apply 1 coat of Evolving Elements Primecrete to boost adhesion of the top coat and reduce absorption loss.

Levelcoat can is to be used for resurfacing  roof tiles. The high build undercoat is applied before the top coat and works by levelling badly worn out concrete roof tiles.

4. Duramembrane Top Coat

Duramembrane is a 100% acrylic coloured top coat. It is designed to improve the condition and appearance of the roof, as well as to promote longevity. Duramembrane is applied in two coats using an airless spray and formulated to endure harsh Australian weather. For a comprehensive look at the components and procedures of Evolving Elements roof tile paint system, contact JPS Coatings at 03 9357 6644 or visit today!