Quality Materials for Rendering: JPS Primer and Tex-Guard by JPS Coatings

JPS Coatings are the go-to providers of quality materials for rendering and solid plastering applications in Australia. The Australian-owned and operated company has been a national leader in the building and construction industry for nearly 30 years and counting. With a strict commitment to international standards of quality, JPS Coatings continues to yield outstanding results for industrial, commercial and residential properties across the country.

Quality Materials for Rendering

JPS Coatings is distinguished for its longevity within the business amidst continuously fluctuating industry trends. The Victorian-based company has successfully transitioned to the modern era — harnessing top-quality materials, adopting innovative building methods, and employing the latest technologies. Top industry professionals refer to the extensive JPS Coatings catalogue for quality materials for rendering all types of substrates.

Below are some of the best-selling products from JPS Coatings:

  1. JPS Coatings Primer — Designed to unify substrate porosity, the JPS Coatings Primer is a water based acrylic coating developed with a formula of pure acrylic emulsions. The primer ensures maximum adhesion of subsequent coatings to off-form concrete, F.C. (fibre cement) sheeting, G.R.C. (glass reinforced concrete), cement render and plasterboard.

The JPS Coatings Primer is supplied in 15L pails for a coverage of up to 150m2 depending on the surface being applied to, assuming no loss. The spreading rate will vary with such factors as method and conditions of applications.

  1. Tex-Guard — Available in a matt finish, Tex-Guard is based on a water-based 100% acrylic formula. Its high-quality tint bases are comprised of a premium water-based pure acrylic binder; titanium dioxide pigment; high-grade mineral extenders; proprietary additives; and a strong fungicide.

Tex-Guard is part of the top-billed Cova-Wall® Coating System, serving as an exterior protective finish coat. The pigmented coating also provides a durable exterior finish for a broad variety of substrates, including cement render; A.A.C. (autoclaved aerated concrete); F.C. sheeting (fibro/blue board); clay and concrete brickwork and blocks; rendered expanded polystyrene; softwood timber; tilt panel walls; texture coats; and other primed exterior surfaces.

In a single application, Tex-Guard promotes the durability and longevity of the overall coating system, while allowing for greater colour consistency, especially over large areas. It also substantially improves washability and minimises the buildup of dirt, pollution and chemical attacks, especially on high profile textured coatings. JPS Coatings supplies Tex-Guard as tint base to distributors, and in tinted, ready to use form to end users.

Go to www.jpstexturecoatings.com.au to learn all about quality materials for rendering from JPS Coatings.