Premium Acrylic Exterior Paint for Professionals by JPS Coatings

With an excellent track record for more than three decades, JPS Coatings has earned an unparalleled reputation for providing the highest quality premium acrylic exterior paints for construction professionals. Committed to sustainable innovation and service, JPS Coatings has specially formulated a premium acrylic exterior paint  – within the Evolving Elements Range.

The product range of Evolving Elements is formulated with the highest-grade materials and latest technology, making it second to none when it comes to performance, durability, sustainability, and flow rate.

Evolving Elements – Premium Acrylic Exterior Paint

Evolving Elements exterior paint products are designed to resist weather extremities in Australia, preventing premature deterioration and promoting longer life and stability to a structure.

Builders and specifiers are recommending the use of premium acrylic exterior paints because of its durability and resistance to mould and algae growth. These paints are commonly applied on pergolas, fences, decking, and walls made with various surfaces like masonry, bricks, timber, galvanised iron, and Zincalume®.

The range of premium acrylic exterior paints include:

  • Exterior Acrylic Matt Finish – a water-based and self-priming paint that provides flat finishes, which is favourable when repairing imperfections especially for older and weather-worn exteriors. It dries to matt finish.
  • Exterior Acrylic Lo Sheen – water-based and also self-priming, this paint is simple to use and apply. This exterior paint is ideal for use on bricks and masonry surfaces. It dries to a Lo Sheen finish and has a wide colour range that it can be tinted to.

For optimum performance, allow at least 1-week hardening after application before attempting to wash the painted surface. Matt Finish and Lo Sheen Acrylic Paints are available in white, light, mid, and strong colour bases, and tintable to any colour by JPS Coatings.

For more information about the range of premium acrylic exterior paints for professionals, contact JPS Coatings or visit today.