Painting Old and Aged Roof Tiles for a Fresh Look!

JPS Coatings proudly offers Evolving Elements, a unique solution for outstanding concrete roof tile coating. The Australian-owned and operated company has specially formulated a complete range of components for a high-performance roof coating system.  

Australia has seen the use of roof tiles since 1844. Local companies started hand making concrete roof tiles in Melbourne and Sydney in the 1920’s, so it comes as no surprise that this rugged roofing is still on some of Australia’s residential properties throughout the east coast. Though they may still be partially waterproof and doing their job at protecting your house from the elements, there is something that is lost when they are covered in mould, bird droppings and fading from their once-rich colour. 


This is a comprehensive guide created by Evolving Elements to outline their specialist made concrete roof tile coating system. Evolving Elements is a leading roof coating choice used by professional roofers and restoration experts.


There is no arguing that this is the most vital step in the process. Begin by removing downpipes and creating a safe working environment for you and anyone working with you.

Prior to pressure cleaning, the applicator is required to repair any broken or leaking tiles, penetrations, flashings and timberwork. All substrates must be free from all forms of contamination including dirt, dust, grease, oil. Done thoroughly, this will prevent bond breakage. It’s recommended that high-pressure water blasting is used as the method of roof cleaning.

  • Premclean is applied before pressure cleaning to assist in the removal of contaminants. This high grade product is specifically designed to release moss, lichen and deposits of oil and grease from a range of substrates – resulting in the prevention of film defects. This also makes the next clean faster and more effective.
  • A coat of Anti-Mould Plus+ is then recommended to inhibit the re-growth of mould and lichen.


The cement bedding can now be replaced, after the pressure cleaning has been completed. Roof pointing is an industry standard roofing technique whereby the roof bedding is coated with a specialised compound that promotes stronger bondage of tiles. It also seals the entire roof against dust and water. Conventional mortar has a reputation of cracking and giving way to water penetration after a period of time.

  • Durapoint is the Evolving Elements’ solution. It is a flexible roof pointing material for use on old and new roof tiles. Specially formulated, this compound delivers excellent performance by contracting and expanding with fluctuating weather conditions. The applicator will only need to apply one coat of Durapoint to seal roofs for a full decade provided the complete system is adhered to.


The substrate must be cleaned after roof pointing before progressing to the priming stage. This coating process must follow immediately after cleaning as the roof cannot be left uncoated. This may hinder the adherence to subsequent coatings.

  • Primecrete is applied in one coat to reduce the absorption loss of the remaining system.
  • Levelcoat may also be applied as a surface leveller if the concrete roof tiles are eroded or uneven, prior to the top coat.


  • Duramembrane is applied as a top coat to restore, rejuvenate and seal old and aged roofs. This coating is 100% acrylic based, making it highly durable to withstand extremes of Australian and Southeast Asian weather.


Choosing the best quality premium exterior paint is a vital part of the paint selection process. You must consider a coating that can withstand – to a high grade – prolonged exposure to harsh weather conditions and UV radiation. Any paint projects can be ruined by selecting an ill-fitting paint. To aid in the selection process, JPS Coatings and Evolving Elements have created a unique, high quality, specialised range of exterior paints. The Melbourne-based company endeavours to improve the built environment through supplying faultless premium exterior paint. The product is continuously being tested in the harshest elemental conditions imaginable and every time the competitor product falls short in as little as 12 months.

 The Exterior Acrylic Matt Finish

This is a superior choice for most projects. It is an easy-to-apply, water-based, and self-priming acrylic paint. It is suitable to use on a wide range of exterior wall substrates.

  • Timber
  • Fibro
  • Bricks
  • Masonry
  • Zincalume
  • Galvanised Iron

 This extraordinary paint is also applicable for exterior features:

  • Fences
  • Pergolas
  • Decking
  • Walls

 This premium exterior paint is available in White, Light, Mid and Strong Bases. It is also well suited to be tinted to any colour match for a project specification. The Exterior Acrylic Matt Finish quickly dries to a matte finish and in the vast majority of walls and substrates, does not require primers.

The non-toxic Exterior Acrylic Matt Finish delivers excellent durability, while also providing top-level mould, algae and water resistance. This range can be considered as a paint-and-primer in one product.

 The Exterior Acrylic Lo Sheen

An easy-to-apply, self-priming, water-based acrylic paint, this Lo Sheen coating is specially created to provide expert durability, resistance to growth and proliferation of mould and algae. This paint is non-toxic, low odour and well suited to both a variety of substrates and outdoor features such as pergolas, fencing, walls and decking.

Exterior wall substrates that will work well with this product:

  • Timber
  • Fibro
  • Bricks
  • Masonry
  • Zincalume
  • Galvanised Iron

This is a specially created product that dries to a lo sheen and is available in White, Light, Mid and Strong bases. It can also be tinted to a wide colour palette to fit any required painting or project specifications. The specific formulas in these coatings are uniquely created to greatly enhance durability against all weather conditions. The testing process that is completed; forces the elements onto the paint at a level that is not ever seen in the natural environment. With these acrylic paints your exterior will remain as vivid and high quality as the day of application.

The exterior painting process requires detailed planning, preparation and specialist paint types. There are no exceptions to the quality and the ease-of-use for every product created by JPS Coatings and the Evolving Elements product range. These two options are engineered with the harshest Australian climates in mind. Made to withstand extremes from both ends of the spectrum – dry and dreadful heat, extreme UV exposure, humidity, rain, hail, snow, chill. Don’t bother looking elsewhere, they’re not us.