JPS Coatings Premium Roof Coating System for ZINCALUME® and Galvanised Iron Roofs

The latest brand innovation from JPS Coatings, Evolving Elements Premium Roof Coating System has raised the standard for roof coatings in the Australian building and design industry. JPS Coatings has extended its product range  to provide a highly effective premium roof coating system for galvanised iron roofs and high-quality zinc/aluminium alloy coated steel Zincalume®, securing an architectural roof finish for a range of residential and commercial applications.

Evolving Elements Premium Roof Coating System excels for its range of highly functional paints and protective coatings, as well as its easy-application process that simply involves surface preparation, primer coating, and top coating.

Surface Preparation: Rustcure

Made with iron and steels that are generally exposed to water and air, galvanised iron roofs and Zincalume® are highly susceptible to corrosion. Evolving Elements Rustcure is primarily used to treat the rusty surface and prepare the roof for priming. The highly advanced formula of Rustcure passivates the unwanted rust to a functional metallic surface and removes chemical deposits that hinder the adhesion of primer coat to the roof.

Primer Coating: Surface Prime Plus (1 coat)

Primer Coat Surface Prime Plus contains anti-rust solutions, adhesion promoters and inert fillers that increase the lifetime and quality of galvanised iron roofs and Zincalume®.  For maximum effect, the Rustcure treated area must be washed off by water and then immediately primed with Surface Prime Plus within 30 minutes of drying. 

Top Coating: Duramembrane (2 coats)

Duramembrane is manufactured to restore the former beauty of old and aged roofs, recreate a new vibrant life for them and improve their resistance to Australian weather extremities. Made with a full acrylic formulation, Duramembrane provides a highly durable semi-gloss finish.

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