How to Apply Multilayered Roof Sealant Paint by JPS Coatings

JPS Coatings proudly presents Evolving Elements as the essential resource for a multilayered roof sealant paint system. With the all-new product range, the Australian-owned and operated company remains the industry leader in solid plastering and rendering solutions.

Applying Evolving Elements Multilayered Roof Sealant Paint

Surface Preparation

  • Premclean — Premclean is a high grade product formulated to eliminate moss, lichen and minor deposits of oil and grease. These foreign matters are considered bondage breakers which may inhibit the adhesion of subsequent coatings. Upon application of Premcrete, pressure cleaning is made faster and more effective. Premclean can be applied to various substrates, including concrete tiles, unglazed terracotta tiles and Zincalume and galvanised roofs.
  • Anti-Mould Plus+ — Anti-Mould Plus+ is a specially formulated biocide treatment for the inhibition of moss, mould and lichen growth. Applied right after cleaning and before priming, Anti-Mould Plus+ is compatible with concrete tiles, unglazed terracotta tiles and Zincalume and galvanised roofs.
  • Rustcure — Rustcure is specifically designed for application to metal roofs, including Zincalume and galvanised iron roof sheeting. The cutting-edge formula aims to passivate and remove light rust, as well as facilitate the removal of minor deposits of grease and oil. Rustcure also chemically etches the metal surface to result in the optimum adhesion of subsequent priming.

Roof Pointing

  • Durapoint — Evolving Elements offers Durapoint for roof pointing on bedding mortar. Unlike standard cement mortar, Durapoint does not crack and allow water ingress after some time. The flexible roof pointing compound actually expands and contracts with the change in temperature, thereby promoting longevity up to 12 years before repointing once more. Applied in one (1) coat, Durapoint is compatible with both old and new concrete tiles or unglazed terracotta tiles.

Primer Coat

  • Primecrete— For concrete and unglazed terracotta tiles, JPS Coatings formulated Primecrete to guarantee the adhesion of the coating system. Applied in one (1) coat, the surface sealer aims to minimise the absorption loss of subsequent finishes of the multilayered roof sealant paint.
  • Levelcoat — Levelcoat is an optional surface leveller for concrete tiles. Applied before the topcoat, one (1) layer of Levelcoat will smoothen badly weathered and worn out tiles.
  • Surface Prime Plus+ — Surface Prime Plus+ is used on roofs composed of Zincalume, galvanised iron, and other metals containing rust preventing agents, adhesion promoters and inert fillers.

Top Coat

  • Duramembrane — Applied in two (2) coats, Duramembrane is a 100% acrylic finish that seals, restores and rejuvenates old and aged roofs. Designed for use on concrete tiles, and Zincalume and galvanised roofs, as well as an optional coating for unglazed terracotta tiles.
  • Terraglaze Plus+ — Unglazed terracotta tiles are finished off with Terraglaze Plus+ in two (2) coats. Terraglaze Plus+ dries to a semi gloss clear finish.

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