Evolving Elements Terraglaze Plus+ High Gloss Waterproof Acrylic Roof Sealant

When investing in a roofing system like Evolving Elements Terraglaze Plus+ high gloss acrylic roof sealant, it is important for homeowners and proprietors to understand the benefits it can bring to the property. JPS Coatings developed the Evolving Elements range of professional roof coatings and paints to restore, rejuvenate, and seal old and worn-out roof tiles.

With over three decades worth of knowledge and expertise, the team breaks down the benefits of Evolving Elements Terraglaze Plus+ high gloss acrylic roof sealant.

Lasting Performance

Terraglaze Plus+ high gloss acrylic roof sealant is manufactured using the highest-grade materials, resulting in a durable clear or pigmented coloured finish that is able to withstand prolonged exposure to harsh weather conditions. Aside from excellent durability and weather protection, it is also formulated to inhibit the growth and proliferation of lichen, moss, and mould.

Terraglaze Plus+ high gloss acrylic roof sealant improves the surface condition of unglazed Terracotta tiles with its even flow and attractive gloss finish. With its minimal upkeep, long-term performance and ability to seamlessly blend over new and existing roofs, home and property owners can save a valuable amount of money over the years.

Effective Adhesion

In any application; wear, tear or break in the roof coating system might lead to premature structural deterioration and high repair costs. Terraglaze Plus+ is formulated with 100% acrylic, resulting in excellent adhesion and durability that doesn’t waver, flake or tear even under stormy and windy conditions.

All products in the Evolving Elements range comes with a 10-year material warranty replacement for flaking or peeling, provided that the roof coating system application procedure and criteria are observed and applied by a skilled applicator.

Low Dirt Pick-Up

Many traditional roof coating systems lose their lustre and become dirty over time. Terraglaze Plus+ high gloss acrylic roof sealant is formulated to be dirt resistant, which means the roof surface maintains its long-term optimal aesthetic appeal with minimal upkeep.

If you are looking for a durable, long-lasting, acrylic roof sealant for your next roof coating project, contact JPS Coatings by heading over www.evolvingelements.com.au today.