Evolving Elements Highest-Grade Professional Roof Coating System

Evolving Elements is the newest paint and professional roof coating system manufactured from the highest-grade materials, designed to restore, rejuvenate, and seal old, aged and worn-out looking roofs. Furthermore, Evolving Elements also functions as a flexible pointing solution for the installation of new roof tiles.

JPS Coatings offers a 10-year material replacement warranty for peeling or flaking of the roof coating system providing that the criteria and procedures have all been followed and the product is applied correctly by a skilled applicator, according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Evolving Elements Professional Roof Coating System is applied chronologically in different stages depending on the type of roof substrate it is being applied to. Each stage involves a corresponding coating material to achieve the desired outcome.

Stage 1: Surface Preparation

Surface preparation is the determining stage that sets the groundwork for the entire coating project. This process includes disassembling rainwater and stormwater tanks from gutterings.

For Zincalume® and galvanised iron roofs, surface preparation involves the use of Rustcure.

Rustcure rust converter is applied for passivation and removal of light rust from Zincalume® and galvanised iron roof sheeting. It also removes minor oil and grease deposits to ensure maximum surface adhesion of the subsequent coating.

On the other hand, Premclean and Anti-Mould Plus+ are used to prepare the roof surface of unglazed terracotta tiles, concrete tiles & COLORBOND™.

Applied before high-blast pressure cleaning, Premclean and Anti-Mould Plus+ assist in removing dirt, oil, moss and lichen accumulation off the roof surface. These products are designed to make pressure cleaning faster and far more effective.

Lastly, Anti-Mould Plus+ mould prevention paint acts as a biocide treatment against moulds, moss, algae and lichen. This product is applied right after cleaning and before the priming stage.

Stage 2: Primer Coat or Roof Pointing

The primer coat (Surface Prime Plus) is made up of rust-preventing agents, inhibitors, adhesion promoters, and inert fillers, making it the ideal primer for metal roof sheetings like Zincalume® and galvanised iron.

Surface Prime Plus prepares the roof surface by preventing the absorption of subsequent layers, as well as the development of rust.

Primecrete is the coating of choice for non-metal roof surfaces like unglazed terracotta tiles, concrete tiles & COLORBOND™. It is necessary for adhesion and sealing the surface to minimise absorption loss of subsequent coatings.

Stage 3: Top Coat

A. Coloured Duramembrane for  Zincalume® and Galvanised Iron Roofs

Duramembrane is a 100% acrylic coloured coating used to revive the roof’s existing colour or provide a new look to the roof. The highly-durable and flexible top coat dries to a semi-gloss cloured finish that is able to withstand the Australian and tropical weather.

B. Duramembrane Clear Coat for Unglazed Terracotta Tiles

Duramembrane clear coating restores the original look, as well as the natural colour of terracotta tiles. The 100% acrylic based top coating dries to a high-gloss clear finish. Like the coloured version of Duramembrane, it is highly durable and resistant against Australian and tropical weather.

C. Terraglaze Plus+ Coloured Coat

Terraglaze Plus+ also dries to a semi-gloss clear finish. The 100% waterproof acrylic roof sealant is a highly recommended product for restoring old and new roofs.

D. Levelcoat High-Build Level Undercoat for Concrete Tiles & COLORBOND™.

Applied before the top coat, Levelcoat is a surface leveller manufactured specifically to smoothen the surface of badly worn and weathered concrete roof tiles.

With a service record of 30 years, JPS Coatings continues to change the game of the Australian building and construction industry by developing high-build products, such as Evolving Elements Professional Roof Coating System, Cova-Wall® lightweight exterior insulation finishing systems, and other plastering and rendering solutions, that adds quality, performance, and value to a building structure.

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