Evolving Elements Concrete Tile Roof Coating System from JPS Coatings

The Evolving Elements Concrete Tile Roof Coating System has taken the Australian Market by storm for its reliable and versatile coating solution for both newly installed concrete tile roofs and aged roofs.

Evolving Elements is JPS Coatings’ latest roof coating system innovation, manufactured from the finest grade materials that contribute substantially to preserving structural integrity, and providing an intended architectural finish. As testament to its high-performance, JPS Coatings Evolving Elements comes with a 10-year warranty for the unlikely occurrence of roof coating problems such as roof peeling or flaking (provided the application was properly executed by a trusted professional in accordance with given criteria).

For proper application of the Concrete Tile Roof Coating System, follow JPS Coatings’ four fundamental steps: surface preparation, roof pointing, primer coating, and top coating.

Surface Preparation

Good surface preparation prior to coating is highly essential as it determines the long-term effectiveness of the coating system. Failure to repair broken or leaking tiles, flashing, penetrations, or timberwork may result in disbonding.

Once repairs are complete, Premclean is applied when high-pressure water cleaning to effectively alleviate moss and lichen, as well as small grease deposits from various substrates, which may cause film defects like corrosion. JPS Coatings’ Anti-Mould Plus+ is applied after cleaning and before priming to prevent the re-growth of unwanted mould, lichen, and algae.

Roof Pointing

Once the roof is clean, mortar bedding around the roof caps is replaced by a single coat of JPS Coatings Durapoint flexible pointing compound. A reliable, ready-to-use pre-coloured acrylic pointing compound that remains strong and resists cracking despite the uncertain change of weather conditions. Durapoint can be used for either old roof restorations or new roof tile installations.

Primer Coating

Primer coating must be applied immediately once the Durapoint compound has fully dried and the roof is re-cleaned. The concrete roof should not be left unattended for too long as the

build-up of specks of dust may hinder the primer coating from sticking.

Apply the water-based acrylic, Primecrete by JPS Coatings to reduce absorption loss of subsequent finishes, and to further enhance the overall coating system in terms of durability and consistency. Primecrete is highly recommended for chalky and dust-prone surfaces like concrete tile roofs because of its excellent wet adhesion property.

JPS Coatings Levelcoat, although optional, can be utilised to resurface roof tiles or to level worn-out concrete roof tiles. This high-quality undercoat is applied before the topcoat.

Top Coating

Evolving Elements Duramembrane concludes the Concrete Tile Roof Coating System with its highly durable pigmented flexible finish, which is perfectly suited to Australian and South East Asian weather. Manufactured with 100% acrylic, Duramembrane enhances the condition of the roof, ensuring long-term weather protection and an aesthetically pleasing finish. Duramembrane is available in different colours, and typically applied in just two coats using an airless spray.

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