Durapoint Acrylic Roof Tile Pointing Compound from JPS Coatings

Dedicated to product integrity and quality services, JPS Coatings remains a leading manufacturer and supplier of roof pointing compounds across Australia. Engineered from the finest materials and components, the Victorian-based company proudly offers Durapoint acrylic roof tile pointing compound, providing both visual appeal and functionality without luxurious spending.

Roof tile pointing plays a vital role in the construction or restoration of roofs. It is applied over bedding mortar for a better tile adhesion. The sealing of ridge caps allows for better water ingress plus prevention of water penetration or shrinkage. It also increases resistance against weather extremities, extending the lifespan of a roof tile.

With over three decades of experience in the construction industry, JPS Coatings understands the need for a reliable pointing compound; As it improves the overall state of a roof system which serves as the first layer of protection for any commercial or residential structure. Hence, the innovation of JPS Coatings’ ready-to-use and pre-coloured acrylic pointing compound, Durapoint.

Durapoint has been developed in an extensive line of new Evolving Elements professional roof coating products. It is commonly used atop bedding mortar on old or new roof caps such as unglazed terracotta or concrete tiles.

Leading industry experts are highly recommending the use of Durapoint because of its vast functions and lasting benefits that no other roof pointing compound product can offer. The pre-coloured and water-based acrylic pointing compound flexes with natural movements caused by severe weather conditions, preventing early cracking, peeling, or chipping. Durapoint also excels for its low maintenance plus easy and safe cleanup with only water and soap.

The acrylic roof tile pointing compound is applied in three simple steps: surface preparation, substrate application, and finally the Durapoint application. The in-depth step-by-step guide for the roof tile pointing application is available upon purchase.

For more information about Durapoint Acrylic Roof Tile Pointing Compound, contact JPS Coatings or visit www.jpstexturecoatings.com.au today.