Cova-Wall® External Wall Insulation Cladding for Extreme Conditions Case Study

Cova-Wall® External Wall Insulation Cladding from JPS Coatings has been growing in popularity among major builders, engineers, and specifiers primarily for its outstanding structural integrity, high-function, and limitless design possibilities that no other cladding system can provide.

This external wall insulation cladding system provides a protective blanket for buildings and houses, allowing for a comfortable maintained interior environment without compromising its excellent strength-to-weight ratios. The Cova-Wall® Exterior Insulation Finishing System complies with AS/NZS 4284:2008 for the weatherproof properties of this cladding system under extreme weather conditions.

Cova-Wall® External Wall Insulation Cladding in Sri Lanka

JPS Coatings extended their quality-endorsed services to Sri Lanka, supplying Cova-Wall® EPS Render and Fastwall Render to emergency housing for the region’s Tsunami victims.

The project incorporated polystyrene panels by JPS Coatings, a widely recognised building material used with new building technology. This material has outstanding thermal qualities, is durable, mildew-resistant with inert organic materials that hinder the possible appearance of rot plus it does not attract ants or rodents. Polystyrene panels come with a full range of accessories consisting of polypropylene washers, stainless steel angles, and fibreglass mesh.

The EPS render promotes an unrivalled structural integrity for building and house structures, maintaining its shape, structure, size, cohesion, and physical facade even when faced with extreme weather conditions such as a Tsunami. Likewise, Fastwall Polymer Modified Render is the first level of defence against deterioration caused by natural and uncontrolled elements like winds, exposure to UV, and storms. Formulated with washed graded sands, cement, and various powdered additives, Fastwall also prevents the growth of mould and mildew.

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