CodeMark Certified Insulated Polystyrene Wall Cladding from JPS Coatings

Major industry specifiers and homeowners are choosing insulated polystyrene wall cladding primarily for its superior energy efficiency and numerous design options. Insulated polystyrene wall cladding acts as a thermal blanket wrapped around a home or a building structure, hence providing insulation from the outside and protecting the structural integrity against the natural elements.

JPS Coatings is a Victorian-based company specialising in the design, manufacture and supply of high-quality solid plastering and rendering materials in Australia. One of their latest offerings is the CodeMark® certified, Cova-Wall® lightweight exterior insulation finishing system.

Cova-Wall® lightweight exterior insulation finishing system is made of expanded polystyrene sheets, an innovative and versatile building material commonly used for wall cladding applications. In addition to external wall cladding, expanded polystyrene sheets continue to gain recognition in the building and construction industry for their ability to perform in a wide scope of applications.

Cova-Wall® lightweight exterior insulation finishing system showcases superior traits when compared to traditional external wall cladding materials like timber, concrete, steel and masonry. Insulated polystyrene wall cladding is known to harness dimensional stability, superior thermal performance, durability and cost-efficiency.

Why Choose JPS Coatings Cova-Wall® External Wall Cladding System?

With their knowledge, experience and latest technologies, JPS Coatings is able to deliver a one-stop-shop solution for all rendering, solid plastering, professional roof coating systems and external wall cladding needs.

JPS Coatings delivers the sought-after properties of expanded polystyrene sheets to achieve the ingenious formula for Cova-Wall®. The insulated polystyrene wall cladding is composed of a full cavity batten system, reinforced with a 4mm to 6mm render, texture coat and finished off with a decorative sealer.

Cova-Wall® displays structural stability and conforms to AS 1366.3 (Rigid cellular plastics sheets for thermal insulation Rigid cellular polystyrene – Moulded) and AS 4055-2012 (Wind loads for housing). The closed cellular matrix of expanded polystyrene sheets furnishes the system with a barrier, making Cova-Wall® impervious to water, moisture and vapour and helps prevent premature structural degradation.

The weatherproofing ability of Cova-Wall® is fully compliant with AS/NZS 4284:2008 (Testing of building façade under simulated loading conditions). It has undergone rigorous testing like water migration, structural integrity and displacement of the façade and has yielded positive results.

Cova-Wall® is available with a plain EPS panel or pre-rendered EPS panel system. JPS Coatings have been awarded the coveted CodeMark® certification from the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) for their innovative Cova-Wall® lightweight exterior insulation finishing system.

For more information on CodeMark® Cova-Wall® insulated polystyrene wall cladding, contact JPS Coatings today!