Certified Insulated Polystyrene Wall Cladding Panels by JPS Coatings

Choosing the right insulated polystyrene wall cladding panels has a direct effect on the environmental and economical performance of just about any type of building project. With the advanced technology and available resources, consumers and industry specifiers are now well-equipped with knowledge as to what building materials to use to improve weatherability, minimise or control water infiltration, while upholding minimal upkeep and achieving pleasing aesthetics to a building façade.

Insulated Polystyrene Wall Cladding Panels: The JPS Coatings Way

With three decades of experience in Australia’s building and construction industry, JPS Coatings have developed their own line of high quality materials to meet the demands of the modern built environment.

The lightweight exterior insulation finishing system, Cova-Wall®, is made up of insulated polystyrene wall cladding panels that provide any structure with seamless insulation and long-lasting durability. Using only M grade expanded polystyrene, JPS Coatings offer consumers a versatile alternative to traditional cladding materials, such as timber, steel, masonry and concrete.

Aside from the excellent energy-saving capacity of Cova-Wall®, the advanced wall cladding panels are also the material of choice for clients who are looking for a cost-effective cladding solution. The closed cellular matrix of expanded polystyrene enables Cova-Wall® to be resistant to water and moisture infiltration, mould and mildew growth, vermin attacks, and premature degradation.

The Cova-Wall® reinforced, insulated polystyrene wall cladding panels are manufactured to conform with AS 1366.3 (Rigid Cellular Plastic Sheets), and is CodeMark Certified (CMA-CM40180) as suitable for exterior applications.

JPS Coatings Cova-Wall® Professional Polystyrene Cladding Systems can be attached directly to the wall structure or it can be installed using a cladding cavity system. The streamlined, clean finish of  Cova-Wall® makes it easily adaptable to any type of finishe and texture coatings.

Contact JPS Coatings today to experience the Cova-Wall® insulated polystyrene wall cladding panels like no other!