Applying Roof Tile Paint for Concrete Tiles by JPS Coatings

JPS Coatings proudly offers the Evolving Elements solution to roof coating for concrete tiles. The Australian-owned and operated company has specially formulated a comprehensive range of components and systems for a high-performance roof coating system. JPS Coatings remains the number-one choice for solid plastering and rendering solutions in Australia.

Applying Roof Coating for Concrete Tiles

Here is a comprehensive guide to applying Evolving Elements roof coating for concrete tiles:

  1. Surface preparation. Prior to pressure cleaning, the applicator must repair all broken or leaking tiles, penetrations, flashings and timberwork, if any. All substrates must be free from dirt, dust, grease, oil and other forms of contamination to prevent bondage breakage. The recommended method of roof preparation is via high-pressure water blasting. Premclean is ideally applied before pressure cleaning to assist in the removal of contaminations. The high-grade product is specifically designed to release moss, lichen, and minor deposits of oil and grease from a wide variety of substrates, resulting in the prevention of film defects. In addition, subsequent pressure cleaning is made faster and more effective. A coat of Anti-Mould Plus+ is recommended to inhibit the re-growth of mould and lichen. The biocide treatment is applied after pressure cleaning and before priming.
  1. Roof pointing. Once the roof is pressure cleaned, the cement bedding can be replaced around the capping and repointed. Roof pointing is an industry standard roof technique wherein the top of roof bedding is coated with a specialised compound that promotes stronger bondage of tiles, while sealing the entire roof against dust and water. Conventional cement mortar is known to crack and give way to water penetration after a period of time. JPS Coatings addresses this issue with Durapoint, a flexible roof pointing material for use on bedding mortar in both old and new roof tiles. Durapoint is specially formulated to deliver excellent performance by contracting and expanding with fluctuating weather conditions. The applicator will apply one (1) coat of Durapoint to waterproof roofs for over a decade before a second repointing is called for.
  1. Primer coating. To remove cement dust and debris, the applicator must wash down the substrate after roof pointing and before priming. The coating process must follow immediately after as the roof cannot be left uncoated for too long to ensure adherence to subsequent coatings. Primecrete is applied in one (1) coat to reduce the absorption loss of finishes. Levelcoat may also be applied as a surface leveler.
  1. Top coating. Duramembrane is applied as the top coat to restore, rejuvenate and seal old and aged roofs. The 100% acrylic based coating is highly durable to withstand extreme Australian and Southeast Asian weather.

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