Applied finishes

Applied Finishes, Texture Coatings

Applied finishes also known as Texture Coatings will add strength and enhance the appearance of any interior or exterior surface. Applied finishes can be coated to the existing surface of FC sheeting, brick and block work and polystyrene.

JPS Coatings has one of the largest ranges of texture coatings, perfect for all purposes and to create any look. We strive to provide the highest-quality products at the lowest prices available, so you will always find a home solution that fits within your budget.

Texture coatings can be used to add a range of colours and textures to existing surfaces. Our expert staff can assist you in finding the perfect solution to achieve the look you want.

Add the perfect touch to your home or development, texture coatings and other applied finishes are cost-effective and look great.To ensure colour uniformity and for optimum performance topcoat with Tex-Guard Membrane. Ensure that you have adequate tinted stock to complete the job in one application. Do not apply externally in temperatures below 10℃ or when the temperature of the surface may fall below 10℃ during the drying period. When the weather is doubtful avoid application. Must be protected from rain and frost for the first 24 hours. Avoid application in hot, windy conditions or on hot surfaces.

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