Aluminium Roof Coating System by JPS Coatings

With more than three decades of experience, JPS Coatings has achieved a state-of-the-art formula for a high-performance aluminium roof coating system for both commercial and residential applications. The Australian-owned and operated company proudly offers the system as part of their all-new Evolving Elements range.

Evolving Elements Roof Coating System

Evolving Elements is a premium paint and roof coating range for industry professionals. For the latter, the product range includes a complete set of components and procedures for various roof substrates like concrete and unglazed terracotta roofs. Evolving Elements also offers the ideal solution to specialised Zincalume® and galvanised iron roofs, which can be applied in three streamlined stages.

Surface Preparation

The applicator must ensure that all surfaces are free from oil, grease, dirt, dust, and other contaminants. These foreign matters are considered bondage breakers that may interfere with adhesion of subsequent coatings. For Zincalume® and galvanised iron roofs, Evolving Elements offers Rustcure.

Evolving Elements Rustcure is an acid based treatment, specially formulated for the chemical passivation and elimination of light rust from metal roof sheetings. The advanced formulation triggers a chemical reaction with the rusty surface to create a long-lasting barrier against further corrosion due to such agents as moisture, saline air, and harsh solvents. In addition, Rustcure facilitates the removal of minor deposits of oil and grease. The treatment chemically etches the metal surface to guarantee excellent adhesion of the subsequent primer coat.

Rustcure must be thoroughly washed off with water, whereupon Evolving Elements Surface Prime Plus+ will be used to prime the treated area within thirty (30) minutes of drying. Fast and effective, Rustcure is supplied in 20L pails as a concentrate to be diluted before use. It is compatible for application on lightly rusted steel wrought iron, and other ferrous metals.

Primer Coat

Evolving Elements Surface Prime Plus+ is the ideal primer coat for aluminium roof coating system applications. Available in 15L pails, the water-based acrylic coating is composed of inorganic rust inhibitors and passivators, adhesion promoters and inert fillers. Easy to apply and clean up, Surface Prime Plus+ provides strong adhesion to Zincalume® galvanised iron and other bare metal surfaces prior to topcoat application. The applicator must apply Surface Prime Plus+ in one (1) coat using an airless spray.

Top Coat

For coloured top coat application, Evolving Elements features Duramembrane — a 100% acrylic formulation for the restoration, rejuvenation and sealing of old and aged roofs to their former colours, or to a brand new colour. Duramembrane is specifically designed for superior resistance to harsh Australian and Southeast Asian weather. With an even flow and attractive gloss level, the highly durable pigmented finish improves the condition and appearance of the roof, while promoting overall longevity. Applied in two (2) coats using an airless spray, Duramembrane is available in 20L pails.

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