Advanced Polystyrene Cladding for a Weatherproof House from JPS Coatings

Plastering and rendering specialists JPS Coatings is the leading supplier of the most advanced cladding system in Australia. The Cova-Wall® Cladding System is a lightweight Exterior Insulation Finishing System that uses polystyrene as its base component. It provides limitless functions and benefits, exceeding traditional cladding materials such as concrete, timber, or metals.

Advanced Polystyrene Cladding for a Weatherproof House

Extreme weather conditions cause premature surface cracks and flakes over time. Regardless of the season, an unprotected house leads to higher utility costs plus environmental issues. To maintain facade appeal and keep overall costs at a minimum, owners must be fully aware of installing the right weather protection on their properties.

Weatherproofing has been made easier and more feasible in the present age, thanks to the rise of advanced polystyrene cladding in the market. It is a proven weatherproofing solution for any type of substrate with Cova-Wall® panels built to last, excelling in performance, design, and stability.

The Cova-Wall® Advanced Polystyrene Cladding System is commonly applied on exterior wall surfaces to provide continuous insulation and excellent strength-to-weight ratios. Made from “M” grade Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) moulded panel, it offers endless design possibilities from colour, detail, form, and texture without luxurious spending. Durable and weatherproof, the panels are reinforced with a premium exterior coating system from JPS Coatings.

The Cova-Wall® advanced cladding system was tested under the Australian Building Standard AS/NZS 4284:2008, determining the performance of a structure under simulated conditions. As a testament to its structural integrity, Cova-Wall® has surpassed the assessment and proved its competence against weather extremities, water penetration, and movement.

The advanced polystyrene cladding is suited to any structural project, whether for low- or high-rise, commercial, industrial, or residential applications.

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