A System of Waterproof Roof Sealants for Concrete Tiles – Galvansied Iron

Before the use of waterproof roof sealants, homeowners and specifiers need a sturdy and well-installed roof to ensure years of trouble-free service. However, everyday exposure to natural elements like sun, rain, wind and frost will take its toll on the roof surface and eventually cause damage.

To protect the roof, JPS Coatings have come up with the Evolving Elements Professional Roof Coating System. The Australian-owned and operated company produced Evolving Elements with high performance and workability in mind. JPS Coatings conveys nearly 30 years of expertise into the cutting-edge formula for Evolving Elements, yielding outstanding results.

The Evolving Elements Roof Coating System includes excellent professional paints and superior roof coating systems specifically designed to restore, rejuvenate and seal old and worn out roofs. JPS Coatings offers a one-stop solution, comprised of all the waterproof roof sealants and procedures for the coating of roof substrates.

How to Apply Waterproof Roof Sealants for Concrete tiles & Galvanised Iron?

One of the systems under Evolving Elements is designed to target problem areas for concrete tiles &  Galvanised Iron. Below are the steps involved in the application of waterproof roof sealants:

1. Surface preparation

The applicator must fix, if necessary, all broken and leaking tiles, penetrations, flashings and timberwork prior to pressure cleaning. Roof substrates must be clear from dirt, dust, grease, oil and other forms of contamination to avoid bondage breakage.

High-pressure water blasting is the ideal method of roof surface preparation. Premclean is applied before pressure cleaning to help in the removal of contaminations. The high-grade product is specially designed to release moss, lichen, and minor deposits of oil and grease from a wide variety of substrates. In addition, Premclean also makes subsequent pressure cleaning faster and more efficient.

After pressure cleaning, a coat of Anti-Mould Plus+ is applied on the surface to prevent the re-growth of mould and lichen. The biocide treatment is also applied before priming.

2. Roof pointing

After the roof is pressure cleaned, the cement bedding can be replaced around the capping and repointed. Roof pointing is used to promote strong bondage of tiles by applying a compound on top of the roof bedding.

Durapoint is a flexible roof pointing compound applied on top of the roof bedding to promote strong bondage of tiles. It is specially formulated to deliver superior performance by contracting and expanding with changing weather conditions.

3. Primer coat

The applicator must rinse the substrate after roof pointing and before priming to remove cement dust and debris. The coating process must follow immediately to ensure adherence to subsequent coatings. Primecrete is applied in one (1) coat to reduce the absorption loss of finishes. As an option, Levelcoat may also be applied as a surface leveller.

4. Top coat

Two (2) coats of Duramembrane is applied as a top coat to restore, rejuvenate and seal old and worn out roofs. The 100% acrylic based coating is highly durable to withstand extreme Australian and Southeast Asian weather.

All the range of professional roof coating products from Evolving Elements is covered by a 10-year warranty if used according to manufacturer’s specifications.

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