The Benefits of Using Cova-Wall® Exterior Wall Cladding

For years, Cova-Wall® Exterior Wall Cladding has been playing an active role in the advancement of the building and construction industry. With the growing trade portfolio of the Cova-Wall® exterior wall cladding, JPS Coatings has cemented its position as one of the industry leaders in the solid plastering and rendering sectors in Australia.

Made with  “M” grade Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) moulded panels, Cova-Wall® boasts an extremely light exterior insulation finishing system designed to excel in performance, design freedom, and durability. Combining visual impact with environmental and practical advantages, Cova-Wall® is an exceptional construction material plus quality wall cladding that anyone can depend on.

The Benefits of Using Cova-Wall® Exterior Wall Cladding

Energy Efficiency and Thermal Insulation

Cova-Wall® provides consistent insulation all year round because of its closed cellular matrix with high and long-term R-values. Maximising heat energy, the ideal temperature is maintained during winter and summer without the need for excess heating or cooling. Energy consumption is also minimised.

Less Labour Time and Cost

Lightweight in nature, the Cova-Wall® exterior wall cladding materials are easily transported, carried, and installed – meaning much less labour for workers and less construction cost. Additionally, Cova-Wall® promises a multifunctional finish that no other wall cladding sytem can provide, which guarantees return of investment.


Although lightweight, JPS Coatings’ Cova-Wall® provides excellent structural strength, built in compliance with the Australian Standard 4055-2012. The Cova-Wall® cavity cladding or direct fix system is reinforced with a 4-6mm coat of render, coat of texture, and decorative sealer.


JPS Coatings manufactured Cova-Wall® in conformity with AS/NZS 4284:2008, which determines the products ability to resist natural elements and weather extremities. Weatherproofing performance is further enhanced through the use of expanded polystyrene sheets, which prevents the infiltration of water or vapour to the substrate.

Minimal Upkeep

The Cova-Wall® cladding system does not require complicated maintenance. It is easily cleaned via low-pressure power washing with water and a mild detergent. Fading, peeling, cracking, and growth of chemicals and bacterias are also prevented, which means lasting protection without the need for recurring cladding replacement.

Freedom of Design

For visual impact, Cova-Wall® offers limitless design possibilities, including colour, detail, form, and texture to service any design specification. It provides an unparalleled surface aesthetic with a touch of technological elegance.

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