Terraglaze Plus+ Waterproof Acrylic Roof Sealant for Terracotta Roof Tiles by JPS Coatings

Terraglaze Plus+ waterproof acrylic roof sealant is one of the products from JPS Coatings’ new line of professional roof coating systems, Evolving Elements. Evolving Elements is developed with no less than high-performing materials to meet the specifications for both residential and commercial applications.

JPS Coatings is an Australian-owned and operated company, regarded as one of the industry leaders for solid plastering and rendering solutions. With a track record spanning more than three decades, JPS

Coatings is fully equipped with the knowledge, expertise and state-of-the-art technology that helps them deliver high quality products for the Australian building and construction industries.

What is Terraglaze Plus+ Waterproof Acrylic Roof Sealant?

Terraglaze Plus+ waterproof acrylic roof sealant is designed to restore, rejuvenate and seal worn out and unglazed terracotta roof tiles. The high-gloss product is a 100% acrylic roof membrane.

The waterproof acrylic roof sealant is specially formulated for excellent durability and long-term protection against the Australian weather. Terraglaze Plus+ is available in a flexible clear or pigmented coloured finish.

It has an attractive gloss level and an even flow, helping to improve the surface condition and appearance of the roof system. Aside from giving a fresh modern look to aged terracotta roof tiles, the waterproof acrylic roof sealant also inhibits the growth and proliferation of mould and lichen.

Evolving Elements Terraglaze Plus+ comes in a wide variety of 36+ Tint Pack colours to choose from, making any terracotta tiled roof look shiny and new. 

How to Apply Terraglaze Plus+ Waterproof Acrylic Roof Sealant for Terracotta Roof Tiles?

1. Disconnect rainwater tanks from the guttering system before commencing with work. It is also important for the guttering to remain disconnected until the application of the roof coating system is finished and residues are cleaned from the guttering.

2. Pressure cleaning is a must to free the working surface from oil, grease, dirt, dust, chemicals, animal droppings, flaking and other contaminants that might change the adhesion capacity of Terraglaze Plus+.

3. As the integrity of the waterproof acrylic roof sealant depends heavily on the condition of the substrate, it is imperative that proper surface preparation and repair of broken roof components is done prior to the application of Terraglaze Plus+.

4. Before priming, apply a coat of Anti-MouldPlus+ as the first line of defence against lichen and mould. Once dry, prime the substrate with Primecrete before spraying Terraglaze Plus+ onto the terracotta roof tiles.

5. Terraglaze Plus+ is available in a 20L plastic pail with an estimated coverage of 110-120 m². One can use a power mixer or a broad, flat stirrer to mix the coating thoroughly in an upward and lifting action. Thinning is not usually required, but if desired, just add water sparingly until the right consistency is achieved.

6. Using an airless spray unit with 19-20 thou spray tip, white gun filter and pressure of 2000 to 2500 psi, apply the first coat of the waterproof acrylic roof sealant. Ensure that the first coat is touch dry before applying the second coat.

7. Keep a “wet edge” while spraying to achieve a seamless film build. Use a 400ml extender per pail when applying in warm conditions.

8. Avoid overworking an area as this might delay the drying time and can cause sagging.

JPS Coatings offers a 10-year material replacement warranty for peeling or flaking of the roof coating system caused by manufacturer defect, provided that the all criteria have been followed and the coating is correctly applied by a skilled applicator according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

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