Looking to render your home or property?

JPS Coatings has one of the largest selections of renders, tools and accessories available. We will work closely with you to find the materials you need to complete your next project. It is important that you use materials you can rely on, and JPS Coatings has been providing builders and home owners with the highest-quality render, at the lowest prices for over 20 years. Our expert team are passionate about the products we provide and can assist you in creating the exact look you had in mind.

We supply renders for all external and internal applications.

Whether you are fixing up your home or developing commercial property, rendering is the most cost-effective way to restore worn exterior surfaces and enhance the overall appearance. Render can be used on almost all surfaces, including cement, bricks, stone and plaster, so it can be used to resurface the outside or create feature walls inside your home.

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JPS Coatings will help you create the perfect look

Our friendly team can provide you with information regarding the best tools and techniques to achieve the desired effect. Render can be smoothed, textured, decorated and coloured and once it has cured, render can be painted in a range of vibrant colours to create the perfect finish.

Dry Mix Render

Dry mix render is used as the base-coat for all rendering jobs, to level the existing surface for additional coats, which you can then texture in any colour. Dry mix render is an affordable alternative to sand and cement, which can also be used for restoring exterior surfaces, such as filling holes, chips or cracks on any masonry surface.

Acrylic Render

Acrylic render is more weather-resistant than traditional sand and cement, which has become a popular alternative in coastal towns, where exterior surfaces are exposed to ocean spray, harsh wind and extreme heat. Acrylic render is a much stronger adhesive, which creates a smoother finish. Most importantly, acrylic render sets much quicker than traditional renders, so you can apply paint or additional coats to get the job finished sooner. Choose from our large selection of rendering products and materials JPS Coatings has one of the largest ranges of rendering products available, so we can help you find exactly what you need. Our expert staff can find render to achieve the look you want, at a price which fits within your project budget.