Rendering External Walls of PVC Lightweight Systems from JPS Coatings

JPS Coatings proudly offers the compatible Dincel Construction System and AFS Rediwall® products for rendering external walls. Ideal for both commercial and domestic applications, the solutions are available in 15kg pails for a coverage of 5-7m².

Rendering External Walls of PVC Lightweight Systems

The Dincel Construction System and AFS Rediwall ® can be installed by a professional or a competent DIY enthusiast following these guidelines.

Preparation. The surface of the PVC panels must be treated before applying the texture system. To preserve its smooth sheen finish, it must be clean and free from oil, grease, dust, dirt and other contaminants that may cause bond breakage. In doing so, the applicator must scuff the surface with a low-speed grinder. A fitted 200mm coarse diamond wheel disc is preferred to ensure treatment of at least 90% of the area. The surface is scratched, not burnished or sanded, hence special attention is required to prevent any structural defects to the surface of the panel. Any residue from the surface should be removed using a stiff brush or compressed air.

Key Coat. Using a 10mm nap roller, the applicator will apply the primer evenly over the entire surface. The primer must be mixed well before application to have level coverage of grit. The grit must be well distributed across the surface of the PVC formwork.

JPS HB Basecoat. Using a hawk and trowel, the basecoat will be applied evenly over the surface to a 3-4mm thickness. The number of coats is dependent on the surface level. To level out the product, the applicator will follow up with a light ‘floating’ process using a polystyrene or plastic float.

Pane Face & Joint Alignment. All lost lightweight formwork systems must be assembled with close attention to panel alignment. The applicator must carefully control the joint and sheeting placement, ensuring all joints between panels align. Floor-to-floor alignment must also be observed to guarantee a

true and flat plane across the elevation. Before applying the coating system, all joints, imperfections and misalignments should be filled, sanded true and flush. In addition, the surface must be pressure washed or hosed with suitable detergent to remove such contaminants as oil, grease or dirt.

Expansion Joints. A polyurethane ‘paintable’ sealant with backing rod should be used in all cases, in strict compliance with the manufacturer recommendation for rendering external walls with PVC panel systems. After selecting a colour complementing the final texture colour, the sealant will be applied upon complete installation of the panel. It must be left to cure adequately.

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