Polymer Render for Fibre Cement Sheeting by JPS Coatings

Fastcoat Skimcoat is a specially formulated product by JPS Coatings from their comprehensive range of polymer render coatings. It is used as a skimcoat over flush jointed blockwork and fibre cement sheeting. Fastcoat Skimcoat adheres to any clean masonry substrate. Unlike sand and cement, it can be overcoated the next day with suitable paint and texture coating systems.

Applying Fastcoat Skimcoat Polymer Render

Fastcoat Skimcoat is available in one (1) 15L pail with a spreading rate of 0.9 sq. metres per litre, depending on the method and conditions of applications. It can be applied in three, easy stages:

  1. Surface Preparation: Ensure the substrate is clean, dry, structurally sound and free of all contaminants, including oils, grease, dust, dirt, release agents and other foreign matter that may break bondage. Remove any nails, steel and tire wires on the surface. All other metal objects must be stabilised against corrosion. At the time of coating, ensure the moisture wood equivalent in the surface is at 15% for optimum coating performance. This surface condition is most suitable to receive the texture coating. To reduce suction especially in hot weather, temper the substrate with water. Use Tex-Bond to pre-prime very absorbent or friable surfaces.
  1. Application: Mix Fastcoat Skimcoat thoroughly before application using a hawk and stainless-steel trowel. Use a plastic diamond float, polystyrene or sponge to even the surface, and achieve a semi-smooth finish while the polymer render coating is still moist. Be careful not to overwork the surface area. After application, protect the freshly adhered material from rain or frost for a minimum of forty-eight (48) hours. Application of Fastcoat Skimcoat must be done by a skilled individual at temperatures above 7 and below 32; preferably in shaded areas. It is discouraged to proceed with application in extreme heat or high wind situations, especially on large areas under the full sun. Stop application during inclement weather in sufficient time to let the product cure adequately. It only takes a drop of 2 in air temperature at 85% relative humidity to induce the dew point, terminating the drying process of acrylic products in the process.
  1. Drying/Curing: Allow Fastcoat Skimcoat to cure for sixty (60) minutes (2mm) at 25 and 50% relative humidity, resulting in a touch dry finish. However, curing will take longer at lower temperatures or higher relative humidity. It can be re-coated in twenty-four (24) hours. Fastcoat Skimcoat must be overcoated with JPS Coatings Texture, Tex-Guard or any other coating system.

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