Mould Prevention Biocide: Roof Maintenance Solution with Anti-Mould Plus+

The longevity and structural integrity of roof systems are based on good design, high-quality roof materials, proper installation, and preventive roof maintenance, that’s why the proper use of a mould prevention biocide is highly encouraged to avoid premature structural deterioration and possible damages.

Arguably the most vulnerable part of any residential, commercial or building structure, the roof system functions as the first line of defence against natural elements like ultraviolet radiation, wind, rain, hail, storm, snow, and frost. The constant exposure to these elements is most likely to spawn the growth and proliferation of mould, moss, lichen and algae.

To address the growing concern in preventive roof maintenance, JPS Coatings developed Evolving Elements Professional Roof Coating System. The product range is composed of a mould prevention biocide, roof pointing and rust prevention compounds, primers, and top coats.

The Evolving Elements Anti-Mould Plus+ is specially formulated to remove moss, lichen, algae, mould, as well as minor deposits of grease and oil. The broad spectrum mould prevention biocide prevents the growth and proliferation of micro-organisms responsible for watermarks, discolouration, dark spots, peeling paint, peeling plaster, water infiltration, rotting ceiling, musty attic and crumbling drywall.

As preventive roof maintenance, JPS Coatings developed Anti-Mould Plus+ mould prevention biocide as a water-based, high-grade solution to ensure maximum user safety and protection, as well as good material workability. Anti-Mould Plus+ is applied prior to pressure cleaning to boost its effect and make the subsequent coatings more durable and effective.

The easy-to-apply mould prevention biocide is suitable to use in the following applications:

The shelf-life of Anti-Mould Plus+, if stored correctly, is a maximum of two (2) years from the date of manufacture. JPS Coatings supply Anti-Mould Plus+ in a 20L pail. During transportation, pails should not be stacked more than three (3) pails and should be in an upright position to maintain product integrity and workability. The mould prevention biocide must also be kept in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight.

For more information on the Evolving Elements Anti-Mould Plus+ mould prevention biocide and its application, contact JPS Coatings or visit today.