Lightweight Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems by JPS Coatings

JPS Coatings offers lightweight exterior insulation finishing systems from their highly regarded  Cova-Wall® brand. The Australian-owned and operated company has built an extensive catalogue of rendering and solid plastering solutions through nearly three decades of service to the building and construction industry. Dedicated to international standards of quality, JPS Coatings remains the number-one choice for both homeowners and industry experts across the country, as well as offshore commercial markets.

Lightweight Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems from Cova-Wall®

Cova-Wall® is the ideal solution to lightweight exterior insulation finishing systems for both residential and commercial applications. The cutting-edge product serves an insulating, decorative and protective function for just about any kind of construction project.

The production team at JPS Coatings manufactures Cova-Wall® from M grade expanded polystyrene (EPS) moulded panels. Polystyrene cladding has found continued popularity within the industry for delivering optimum performance and unique features when stacked up against traditional wall cladding materials, such as timber, masonry, concrete and steel substrates.

The polystyrene composition of Cova-Wall® exhibits a tight closed cellular matrix that delivers inherent thermal properties. With high long-term R-values, Cova-Wall® provides buildings with a protective blanket of insulation, continuously in discrete operation. Cova-Wall® supplies outstanding insulation power to indoor temperatures for the occupants’ convenience. In action, the finishing system keeps indoors warm throughout the winter, while keeping cool during hot, summer days.

Cova-Wall® is rendered to a full finish, composed of a system coated with 4-6mm of render, one (1) layer of texture, and a decorative sealer. The rigidly closed cell makeup accounts for high dimensional stability even under everyday impact and changing weather. Cova-Wall® cladding systems have duly received certification in compliance with AS 4055-2012, specifying the wind speed classes that determine the relevant design wind speeds and speed loads.

To further promote longevity, Cova-Wall® panels are coated and strengthened with an exterior coating system, resulting in a durable and weatherproof finish for exterior walls. Cova-Wall® is equipped with an enhanced water management system. Even when exposed to prolonged saturation, the cladding system adapts its size, shape and consistency for a good 10 up to 12 years before it must be replaced. On the other hand, Cova-Wall® has exceptional fire retardant properties. Minimising flammability and delaying combustion, the cladding system is fully compliant with AS/NZS 4284:2006 that uses methodised tests — water migration, structural integrity at limits, displacement of facade cites the performance of a building facade under simulated loading conditions.

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