JPS Coatings Solid Plastering and Rendering Specialists in Melbourne

Solid plastering and rendering has been widely used all over Melbourne to provide aesthetic and highly resistant walls. Although employing the same core characteristic, solid plastering is defined as a coating applied on the interior walls while rendering refers to exterior coatings.

Operating as an exterior blanket from small to big infrastructures, rendering involves a higher percentage of cement to resist drastic weather, as well as to attain waterproofing and fireproofing requirements. This system also improves the thermal insulation of a house and helps in maintaining its stylish exterior surface.

Conversely, plasters require minimal cement percentage to accomplish smooth and flat interior walls and ceilings. This coating system requires thorough care after application as plastered walls that dry quickly tend to crack. Painting and further decorating must also not be done for at least a week or a month after plastering.

Solid plastering and rendering specialists JPS Coatings remain devout in their commitment to providing the highest quality and latest materials in all domestic and commercial industries in Melbourne. Yielded from years of professional experience, JPS Coatings provides a range of plastering products that incorporate acrylic rendering, cement rendering, and hard plastering.

JPS Coatings is popularly recognized not just for their high-graded plaster and render products but also for their dedication to their customer service.

For owners and developers who seek an alternative to a sand and cement solution, JPS Coatings supply an array of render systems like Dry Mix, a premixed cementitious base coat for better wall adhesion, and Polymer Renders, an acrylic-based coating that can highly resist UV and wall cracking.

Regardless of coating specification, JPS Coatings provides cost-saving and rationalized solid plastering solutions through it’s Deluxe Package, which contains all coating necessities such as Render Base Coat, Texture Coating, and Membrane coating. 

JPS Coatings offer a vast range of services to suit every budget, without sacrificing the quality of their products.

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