High-Quality External Rendering Materials for Cova-Wall® Polystyrene Cladding

Choosing high-quality external rendering materials not only enhances the wall aesthetics, it also improves thermal performance, water-resistance, and structural integrity. Rendering is suitable for polystyrene cladding, concrete, bricks, AAC Panels and other masonry substrates.

Since 1988, JPS Coatings have helped clients achieve the best possible structural outcome with their range of high-quality external rendering materials. Aside from rendering, the team has also developed a complete range of products encompassed in professional roof coating systems and the CodeMark certified Cova-Wall® polystyrene cladding.

In-Depth Look at Dry Mix Renders: External Rendering Materials

In addition to new packaging, JPS Coatings have also added three new variants to the Dry Mix Renders range.


PolyBoard Render is a premixed cementitious rendering product. It is suitable to use with low absorbency substrate materials like pre-coated expanded polystyrene cladding sheets.

PolyBoard Render is available in dry powder form and comes in a 20kg bag packaging. It just needs clean water to produce a smooth paste with minimal drying shrinkage. This external rendering material is formulated with washed silica sand, cement and powder additives. This provides excellent adhesion and water resistance.


Supacote is a superior quality; formulated dry mix, cement based, polymer modified render. This external rendering material is made of washed and graded silica sand, as well as lightweight, proprietary powder additives.

This rendering material is applied to a thickness of 6-8mm or more in a single application. Supacoat is applicable to a wide variety of substrates, including clay and concrete brickwork; concrete blocks; concrete precast panels; AAC (autoclaved aerated concrete) panels, polystyrene panels; and Hebel® blocks/panels.


Fastwall is a cement-based, durable rendering material used for both internal and external applications. It is composed of washed graded sand, cement and powder additives for an excellent workability and easy-to-apply property.

Patch ‘Em-Up

Patch ‘Em-Up is a premixed water resistant external rendering material for skim-coat rendering application. The acrylic modified render is carefully formulated with washed silica, sand, cement and other powder additives.

Patch ‘Em Up conforms to AS 3972 (General Purpose and Blended Cement) and is ideal to use on external and internal surfaces.


Ezi-Build is able to built to a thickness level of 20mm in a single coat application. It reinforces brick and other masonry substrates with industrial-strength adhesion, water resistance and weatherability. Aside from its outstanding insulation properties, the lightweight cement-based polymer render is also for levelling walls and building up rough brick and blockwork.

Coloured Finno Sand Finish

Coloured Finno Sand Finish takes after conventional-style render finishes that age when exposed to weather. It is the ideal choice for pre-coloured render finish. The blended finish contains premium durable oxide pigments in a dry powder form to be mixed with water and troweled over a sealed render. The rendering material is available in a 20kg bag with a coverage of 10-12m² per bag.

Vogue Finish

Vogue Finish is a cement-based polymer modified coat which provides a subtly mottled finish. It is a non-flexible coating and can only be used on rigid masonry surfaces like rendered brick and blockwork, rendered concrete and formwork, and Cova-Wall® expanded polystyrene cladding.

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