Exterior Wall Rendering with the JPS Coatings Deluxe Package

JPS Coatings has certified credentials in exterior wall rendering applications in Australia. The Victorian-based company has been in service to the building and construction industry since 1988. Top industry professionals refer to the comprehensive JPS Coatings catalogue for all their solid plastering and rendering needs.

JPS Coatings Deluxe Package for Exterior Wall Rendering

JPS Coatings have something big in store for their beloved patrons — the Deluxe Package! All exterior wall rendering essentials in one bag, at highly competitive rates. The Deluxe Package includes:

  1. Render Base Coat — JPS Coatings offers both dry mix renders and polymer renders. PolyBoard Render is one of the best-selling products for its excellent adhesion to such low absorbency substrates as expanded polystyrene (EPS), pre-coated polystyrene sheet, off-form concrete and smooth masonry. The premixed cementitious basecoat is based on a carefully controlled formula, consisting of cement, washed silica sand and various additives, to provide water resistant properties. PolyBoard Render is supplied in a dry powder form, resulting in a smooth paste when mixed with clean, potable water.
  1. Primer Coat — JPS Coatings Primer is formulated with pure acrylic emulsions that condition the substrate porosity in a single application. The water based acrylic coating ensures maximum adhesion to off-form concrete, fibre-cement (F.C.) sheeting, glass reinforced concrete (G.R.C.), cement render and plaster board. With excellent, key ingredients, JPS Coatings Primer results in a consistent appearance and finish.
  1. Texture Coat — JPS Coatings Texture is formulated with 100% pure acrylic emulsions, mineral fillers, colour stable pigments and graded aggregates. Supplied in a semi liquid paste consistency, the high build acrylic based coating has a long “wet edge” for trowelling consistency. With quick, continuous application, JPS Coatings Texture provides an elegant finish to suitably prepared masonry substrates, such as off-form concrete, F.C. sheeting, G.R.C., cement render and plaster board.
  1. Membrane Coat — JPS Coatings HP Membrane is a highly flexible water based acrylic coating, noted for its extreme weatherability. Additionally, the rubber-like coating system exhibits excellent resistance to moulds and fungi. With fine and coarse options, JPS Coatings HP Membrane can produce both smooth or textured finishes using a roll-on technique. The applicator can use a nap roller on textured or rendered surfaces to achieve a paint-like finish. JPS Coatings HP Membrane can be used to decorate, restore and protect exterior and interior walls, beams, columns and balustrades with porous surfaces, such as concrete, F.C. sheeting, render and brickwork.

For more details on exterior wall rendering with JPS Coatings, call 1300 577 262 or visit www.jpstexturecoatings.com.au.