Easy Application of Polymer Render from JPS Coatings

A polymer render system is the most cost-effective way to solve surface irregularities like small dents, flaking, or uneven surfaces, and when keeping a structure in the best state possible. When it comes to the supply of highly-functional acrylic-based patching compounds, JPS Coatings is the premier choice.

Aesthetically, a house facade should be maintained not just because it creates the first impression but because it also serves as the first layer of protection for a structure. Directly exposed to weather extremities and external chemicals, they must also be highly functional, durable, and weatherproof.

JPS Coatings stocks and markets a range of acrylic-based patching compounds in Australia. Formulated with an acrylic resin compound, the polymer render system offers excellent adhesion, allowing for lasting visual appeal and structural integrity. Their range of polymer render systems include Polyrend Coarse, Polyrend Fine, and Fastcoat Skimcoat.

These compounds are applied via these easy steps;

Surface Preparation

Keeping the substrate clean, dry, and free from residue is vital in any rendering system. Oils, release agents, tie wires, nails, and steels interfere with adhesion performance, leading to premature degradation plus further maintenance costs.

To ensure optimum coating performance, the surface must contain less than 15% moisture wood equivalent at the time of coating. In summer, temper the surface with water to avoid suction; friable surfaces require pre-priming.


Apply the polymer render using a hawk and stainless-steel trowel. To achieve a semi-smooth surface, use a plastic diamond float, polystyrene float, or a sponge while the coating is still moist.

A desirable result is better attained if the application is carried out at temperatures between 7 to 32. A difference of only 2 in air temperature at 85% relative humidity can affect the drying process for acrylic products.

Curing Times

The polymer render is touch dry in 60 minutes (2mm DFT) at 25 and 50% relative humidity. Curing time takes longer at higher or lower humidity and can be re-coated in 24 hours.

For further inquiries, contact JPS Coatings or head over to www.jpstexturecoatings.com.au.