Durable Cement Renders for Cova-Wall EIFS by JPS Coatings

Since 1988, JPS Coatings has remained a leading provider of durable cement render products and services for domestic, industrial, and commercial solid plastering and rendering.

With vast knowledge backed up with more than three decades of professional experience in the building and construction industry, JPS coatings has developed a smart alternative wall cladding – Cova-Wall® Exterior Insulation Finishing System. This system primarily utilises an “M” grade expanded polystyrene sheet (EPS), which is widely recognized for its durability and eco-friendly qualities.

Durable Cement Renders for Cova-Wall® EIFS

For an optimum performance, the EPS-based system incorporates JPS Coatings range of durable acrylic modified render products.

Polyboard – Acrylic Modified Render

Consisting of washed silica sand, cement, and various powder additives, this pre-mixed cementitious basecoat provides an excellent adhesive application with water resistance, suited for low absorbency substrates like EPS and pre-coated Polystyrene sheets.

Supacote – Polymer Modified Render

This superior quality dry mix is made with washed and graded silica sand, lightweight and proprietary additives. Professionals use Supacote to obtain a coating thickness of 6-8mm or more in a single application.

Fastwall – Polymer Modified Render

Fastwall is used for both internal and external applications, which can be single or multiple coated to all masonry surfaces. This polymer-modified render was formulated with washed graded sand, cement, and various particularly formulated powdered additives.

Patch `Em-Up – High Polymer Render

This premixed skim-coat render consists of washed silica sand, cement, and powder additives, efficiently designed in conformity to AS 3972 with excellent water-resistant properties. Used to provide a rendered finish for both external or internal substrates.

Ezi-Build – High Polymer Render

For masonry substrates and rough bricks, Ezi-build is commonly used. This high performing render is formulated with light-weight insulating properties to gain a single coat application of

20 mm. It is ideally used to make good a rough/uneven surface before the final coat of Fastwall.

Coloured Finno Sand Finish – Pre-Coloured

This traditional pre-coloured render is made to age when exposed to weather. Coloured Finno Sand Finish can be trowelled and sponged over a render finish.

Vogue Finish – Concrete Look

Vogue Finish produces an ideal, simulated concrete panel finish. When carefully mixed with clean water, this blended polymer coating provides a mottled finish over masonry substrates.

For more information about durable cement renders for Cova-Wall® Exterior Insulation Finishing System, contact JPS Coatings or visit www.jpstexturecoatings.com.au today.