Acrylic-Based Patching Compound_ Polymer Render Product Range from JPS Coatings

JPS Coatings understands that proper surface preparation is essential for all types of painting jobs, be it for a retrofit or new building project. Hence, the team developed Polymer Renders, a range of high-quality acrylic-based patching compounds that deliver a fast and long-lasting solution for surface irregularities, such as small dents, gaps, uneven surfaces, and blemishes caused by thermal movement.

Acrylic-based polymer render is made of an acrylic resin compound which makes up its excellent adhesion capacity. In addition, Polymer Render also helps strengthen the structural integrity of a residential, commercial or industrial structure.

There are three products currently available in the JPS Coatings’ range of Polymer Renders: Polyrend Fine, Polyrend Coarse, and Fastcoat Skimcoat.

Polyrend Fine Acrylic-Based Patching Compound

Polyrend Fine is an acrylic-based patching compound supplied in a 15 Litre container with a maximum coverage of 8 to 9m² per pail. The semi-liquid dispensable paste displays minimal shrinkage while drying and superior adhesion when applied to various masonry substrates.

The acrylic-based polymer render can be used as a foundation for filling up large surface irregularities and blemishes, and it can cover up to 4mm in a single coat.

Polyrend Fine may also be used as a skim coat over flush jointed blockwork before applying the desired texture coating. Compared to traditional sand and cement coating, Polyrend Fine can be overcoated the next day with compatible paint and texture coatings.

Polyrend Fine acrylic-based patching compound is touch dry in 60 minutes when exposed to 25℃ and 50% relative humidity. However, drying will take longer at a lower temperature and higher relative humidity. The surface can be recoated after 24 hours.

Polyrend Coarse Acrylic-Based Patching Compound

Polyrend Coarse acrylic-based polymer render is used as a base filler for larger surface irregularities and blemishes of up to 6mm in a single coat. It also comes in a 15 Litre container packaging and semi-liquid dispensable paste that covers 7 to 8m² per pail.

A single pail of this product has a spreading rate of 0.5 square metres per litre. It also has the same curing time as Polyrend Fine which is dry to touch in 60 minutes after its application at 25℃ and 50% relative humidity.

Fastcoat Skimcoat

Fastcoat Skimcoat is a specially formulated product under JPS Coatings’ comprehensive Polymer Render range. It is used as a skim coat over flush jointed blockwork and fibre cement sheeting before the application of a textured coating. Fastcoat Skimcoat adheres to any clean masonry substrate and can be overcoated the next day with suitable paint and texture coating systems.

Fastcoat Skimcoat is supplied in a 15 Litre pail with a coverage of 12 to 15m² per pail. It has a spreading rate of 0.9 sq. metres per litre, depending on the method and conditions of applications.

With 30 years of experience and knowledge in their line of business, JPS Coatings are experts in providing the paints, roof coatings and rendering materials for residential, commercial and industrial use.

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